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What happened to Icon For Hire?

What happened to Icon For Hire?

On June 6, 2015, Icon for Hire announced that they broke their contract with Tooth & Nail records to go independent, citing creative, ideological, and technical differences with the label. They simultaneously announced that they would soon be releasing new music and released a new song, “Now You Know”.

Why did Adam leave icon for hire?

Adam Kronshagen left the band to spend more time with his family coupled with a split with their record label Tooth & Nail the band decided to go it alone, or so it seemed. The band put together a plan for a kick starter project backed by their own fans. The kick starter reached its target in a matter of days.

What genre is Icon For Hire?

Alternative/IndieIcon For Hire / Genre

Are there any bands similar to Tool?

Other bands similar to Tool include Karnivool, Puscifer, and Porcupine Tree, a solid progressive metal band from England.

Who’s the lead singer of Icon For Hire?

Ariel BloomerIcon For Hire / Lead singer

Who is the lead singer of Flyleaf?

Lacey Sturm
Born Homestead, Florida, U.S.
Origin Belton, Texas, U.S.
Genres Alternative metal post-grunge hard rock nu metal Christian metal
Occupation(s) Musician songwriter singer author

What band sounds most like Tool?

Of all the bands on this list, Soen is probably the one that sounds most like Tool. The drummer has admitted that they were heavily influenced by Tool and consider them not only a band, but a genre. As such, Soen plays in the Tool genre.

What band is closest to Tool?

Similar To

  • Silver Snakes.
  • Type O Negative.
  • VAST.
  • Crowbar.
  • Grey Daze.
  • The Ocean.
  • Marilyn Manson.

Is Lacey Sturm married?

Joshua SturmLacey Sturm / Spouse (m. 2008)

Why did Kristen may leave Flyleaf?

On December 28, 2015, May had her and Little’s first child, a son named Graham. She announced her departure from Flyleaf on August 15, 2016, citing a growing desire to be with family and never feeling that Flyleaf was hers.

Is Rishloo still a band?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for RISHLOO scheduled in 2022.

What do you listen to after Tool?

Lucid Planet. If the part of Tool you enjoy the most is an incredible atmosphere and the rich soundscapes the band creates on its longer tracks, then Lucid Planet is the band you should definitely check out.