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What happened to Hamble from Play School?

What happened to Hamble from Play School?

Teddy was stolen in 1970 and replaced by Big Ted and Little Ted while Hamble was replaced in November 1986 by a black doll called Poppy. 21 After Play School ended, the toys went on display at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford.

Why was Hamble called Hamble?

The derivation of the name Hamble is uncertain, but ‘Hamel’ is Old English for ‘crooked,’ which could refer to the course of the river. ‘Le-Rice’ means ‘brushwood’ or ‘the rise,’ which would be appropriate since the church stands 50 ft above sea level.

Who were the presenters of play away?

Presenters during the 13-year run included familiar Play School presenters such as Brian Cant, Toni Arthur, Derek Griffiths, Lionel Morton, Chloe Ashcroft, Floella Benjamin, Johnny Ball, Carol Chell and Julie Stevens, as well as lesser known presenters including Janine Sharp, Matthew Devitt and Kim Goody.

What were the characters in Play School?


  • Big Ted (teddy bear) (1966–present)
  • Little Ted (teddy bear) (1966–present)
  • Hamble (plastic doll) (1966–1993)
  • Jemima (rag doll) (1966–present)
  • Humpty (white egg-shaped toy with eyes, nose and mouth, which resembles Humpty Dumpty) (1966–present)
  • Slush (toy pig) (1970s–present)
  • Maurice (teddy bear) (1987–present)

What are the windows in Play School?

Round, square and arched Two sets of windows, large and small, were used regularly on the set of Play School until 1999. The small set of windows was modelled on the props used by the BBC and was made for the first series in 1966. The larger windows, pictured here, were made in the 1970s.

Where was Play School filmed?

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Studios
Play School (Australian TV series)

Play School
Production location Australian Broadcasting Corporation Studios
Running time 25–30 minutes
Production company Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1966–present)

Is Hamble a nice place to live?

“Hamble has a holiday vibe throughout the year so ‘selling’ it as a place to live is not difficult. Lots of people move down here having been drawn by the river. Some are downsizing, others want a bolthole, while a lot work from home or at one of the marinas.

Who was in playschool?

Presenters included the first black host of a children’s show, Paul Danquah; Brian Cant, who remained with the show for 21 years; actress Julie Stevens; TV personality Johnny Ball; former pop singers Lionel Morton and Toni Arthur; husband and wife Eric Thompson and Phyllida Law; Italian model and actress Marla Landi; …

How many episodes does play away have?

Play Away was was the BBC Saturday afternoon show that ran for a mammoth thirteen years, clocking up an impressive one hundred and ninety episodes.

What were the names of the Play School toys?

Play School Toys

  • Big Ted. The original ‘bear in there’, Big Ted has been a part of the Play School family since the beginning.
  • Humpty. Humpty is a very put-together egg and an egg-cellent friend to the Play School family.
  • Jemima.
  • Joey.
  • Kiya.
  • Little Ted.
  • Daisy.
  • Dan.

Who is the longest serving presenter of Play School?

Benita Collings
1940. Benita Collings (b. 1940) actor and television personality, is best known as the longest-serving presenter on ABC TV’s Play School.

What were the 3 windows in Play School?

Admit it, you had a favourite. Up until the year 2000, when the whole of Play School was given a makeover, there were only three different windows to choose from – the Square, the Round or the Arch. (The Diamond was introduced in the overhaul and probably means very little to those us who aren’t Play School purists.)