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What happened in season 5 Winx Club?

What happened in season 5 Winx Club?

In this season, the Winx face a threat underwater and will have to face a new dreadful villain, Tritannus. He was a normal triton who was mutated into a powerful demon sea monster caused by pollution….Winx Club (season 5)

Winx Club
Original release 16 October 2012 – 24 April 2013
Season chronology
List of episodes

How many episodes are there in Winx season 5?

208Winx Club / Number of episodes

What is the first episode of Winx Club season 5?

An Unexpected EventWinx Club / First episode

What episode does Sky lose memory?

Winx Club – Episode 504.

Who is the villain in Winx Club season 6?

A new witch named Selina joins Cloud Tower. She owns an evil book called Legendarium and through it she is able to make legends come true. The Trix take over Cloud Tower and make it fly, then order Selina to summon legendary creatures out of the Legendarium and unleash them against the magical schools.

How old were Winx?

The season revolves around Bloom, a 16-year-old girl from Earth who discovers she has magical abilities, as she enrolls in the Alfea College for Fairies. Along with her newfound friend Stella, a 17-year-old fairy, Bloom meets her apartment roommates Flora, Musa and Tecna. Together, they form the Winx Club.

Are blooms parents alive?

Bloom’s biological parents, Oritel and Marion, disappeared during the disaster. Kal-El’s biological parents saved him from their planet’s destruction by placing him in a rocket when he was a still a baby and sent him to Earth.

How Old Is Bloom in season 6?


Class Fairy
Gender Female
Age 16 (1st season) 17 (2nd season) 18 (3rd season) 19 (4th season) 20 (5th season) 21 (6th season) 22 (7th season) 23 (8th season)

What episode does Bloom turn evil?

The Spy in the Shadows
Dark Bloom The first time a Dark Fairy was shown was in the Season 2 episode “The Spy in the Shadows,” when Bloom was turned into an evil fairy by Professor Avalon’s imposter at Alfea.

How did Daphne become human?

Daphne from Winx Club could have been inspired from the mythological one, as both were nymphs, and both ended by sacrificing themselves; the Winx Club one sacrificed her life to protect her younger sister and the Dragon Flame, the mythological one sacrificed her human body and appearance to preserve her purity.