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What happened at SoFi Stadium today?

What happened at SoFi Stadium today?

Police in Inglewood have made an arrest in connection with an altercation that took place during Sunday’s NFC Championship Game at SoFi Stadium that left a San Francisco 49ers fan in a medically induced coma.

Is Inglewood stadium open?

SoFi Stadium is a sports and entertainment complex in Inglewood, California, United States….SoFi Stadium.

Broke ground November 17, 2016
Opened September 8, 2020
Construction cost $5–6 billion (estimated, including development)
Architect HKS, Inc.

What happened at La stadium?

Suspect arrested after violence outside LA’s SoFi Stadium left man in coma. Police have arrested the suspect in a violent altercation that badly injured a San Francisco 49ers fan after last weekend’s NFC championship game between the 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams at LA’s SoFi stadium.

What is SoFi stand for?

SoFi stands for Social Finance Inc., the company’s original name at the time of its founding. The company now does business under the name SoFi Technologies, Inc.

Is SoFi Stadium open air or closed?

The NFL’s newest glittering shrine, SoFi Stadium has lured the Super Bowl back to greater Los Angeles for the first time in almost 30 years. And like the breathlessly hyped Super Bowl itself, it’s full of superlatives. At 3.1 million square feet, it’s the largest and the first “indoor-outdoor” stadium in the NFL.

What is being built next to SoFi Stadium?

The retail component at Hollywood Park, a 300-acre mega-development in Inglewood centered on SoFi Stadium, is well underway. In total, there will be up to 890,000 square feet of retail surrounded by creative office space. Residences, a park and the stadium are nearby as well.

Who is paying for SoFi Stadium?

It was all privately funded by Rams owner Stan Kroenke. The Designbuild Network reported that that price tag makes it the most expensive stadium ever built, and by no small margin. It lists Allegiant Stadium, the recently built stadium for the Raiders in Las Vegas, as the second-most expensive at $1.9 billion.

What happened at Rams 49ers game?

A view of the empty SoFi Stadium before the Rams played the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship Sunday. Police are investigating the apparent beating of a San Francisco 49ers fan found severely injured in the parking lot of SoFi Stadium during Sunday’s NFC championship game against the Rams.