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What gun does Thatcher have r6?

What gun does Thatcher have r6?

Thatcher’s Weapon Loadouts His only sidearm is the P226 MK 25 pistol, which is not a bad pistol to be lumped with.

What operators have the d50?

The D-50 is a Israeli-American handgun featured in Rainbow Six Siege. It was introduced in the Operation Dust Line expansion pack and is available for use by Blackbeard, Valkyrie, Nøkk and Azami.

Who is the sister of Zofia?

Elżbieta Bosak
Elżbieta Bosak was born in Wrocław, Poland. She is the youngest daughter of Jan Bosak, former commander of the Polish Special Forces unit GROM. She is also the younger sister of Zofia Bosak.

What type of gun is L85A2?

Assault rifle
The gas-operated, select fire L85A2 rifle is the current British Army service rifle, since 1987. A bullpup rifle by design, it is a very compact rifle while still having a relatively long barrel….L85A2.

Weapon class Assault rifle
Users British Army
Capacity 30+1 rounds

Is Montagne a girl?

Specialist Gilles “Montagne” Touré’s imposing presence, along with his unwavering gaze, is impressive and (as a tactic) I can see how it can be unsettling. He’s a man of few words, even among his friends.

Are mute and Thatcher friends?

Specialist Seamus “Sledge” Cowden is one of his few close friends. Thatcher’s tolerance of Specialist Mark “Mute” Chandar surprised me, since Thatcher is impatient with youthful bluster.

Who is Deagle r6?

The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by IWI (Israel Weapon Industries) and Magnum Research. The weapon can be chambered for either the . 50 AE, . 44 Magnum, or .

Who has the C75 Auto?

The C75 Auto is a machine pistol featured in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion. It is available for use by Attack Recruits, 707th SMB Operator Vigil, NIGHTHAVEN Operator Kali and Garda ERU Operator Thorn.

Is Zofia pregnant?

Zofia was shocked to see two former suspects among the crowd, embraced warmly by her father. She left the party early, feigning illness. While investigating what she’d seen, Zofia discovered she was pregnant.

What is the weakest gun in r6?

Since the ACS12 is the worst gun in the game i’ve decided to do a ACS12 challenge video on New House.

Is the L85A2 a ar?

The L85A2 is an upgraded variant of the original L85A1 assault rifle, that was adopted by the British Army back in 1984 as a standard infantry weapon. The original L85A1 assault rifle had some reliability and performance issues.

Is the L85A2 reliable?

The L85A2 achieved an average reliability rate of 25,200 mean rounds between failure, and the L86A2 achieved 12,897 mean rounds between failures. Both weapons have higher reliability rates in cold/dry, temperate, and hot/wet conditions, but lower rates in hot/dry environments.

What is the L85 in Rainbow Six Siege?

The L85 is a rifle variant of the SA80 small arms family, all of which are selective fire, gas-operated assault rifles. Both variants exist in the Rainbow Six universe.

What size rounds does the L85A2 take in R6?

Takes 5.56x45mm rounds. The L85A2 is a British assault rifle featured in Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by Attacking Recruit as well as Sledge and Thatcher .

What is the scope of the L85A1 AR?

The 5.56mm L85A1 AR is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. The weapon comes with a SUSAT scope for increased zoom capability.

What is the loadout of the L85A2 assault rifle?

Loadout: L85A2 Assault Rifle: Scope of preference, Vertical Grip, Flash Hider or Compensator (depending on if you burst fire or full-auto fire). SMG-11 sidearm, Fragmentation grenades