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What grade is Yumi in Code Lyoko?

What grade is Yumi in Code Lyoko?

ninth grade
Yumi is in ninth grade for the first two seasons and in the 10th grade in seasons three and four. In the first three seasons, she was fourteen years old but had turned fifteen in Lab Rat. This implies that Yumi is now sixteen years old, as Code Lyoko Evolution takes place one whole year after Season 4.

Is Code Lyoko Cancelled?

The film was permanently cancelled. Code Lyoko is currently a TV franchise and the franchise ended after Code Lyoko: Evolution.

Does Code Lyoko have filler?

The first season of the series focuses more on character development than plot development, only revealing details about the plot in its last few episodes. The rest of the episodes are “filler” because, in each episode, the Lyoko Warriors discover a X.A.N.A.

How old is Aelita?

Aelita Schaeffer

Aelita Hopper
age 13-14
weapon Energy field (Gains in Season 3), Creativity, Second Sight, Tarantula Riding, Flight (Gains in Season 4) ,The Ability to activate or deactivate a tower
health 100 LP
profession Student

In what order should I watch Code Lyoko?

List of Episodes

  1. 1 Pilot: Garage Kids (2001)
  2. 2 Code Lyoko: Prequel (2006)
  3. 3 Code Lyoko: Season 1 (2003-2004) 3.1 Trivia.
  4. 4 Code Lyoko: Season 2 (2005-2006) 4.1 Trivia.
  5. 5 Code Lyoko: Season 3 (2006)
  6. 6 Code Lyoko: Season 4 (2007) 6.1 Trivia.
  7. 7 Season 5: Code Lyoko Evolution (2012-2013) 7.1 Trivia.
  8. 8 See also.

What was the first episode of Code Lyoko?

Teddy-GodzillaCode Lyoko / First episode

What does Xana stand for?


Acronym Definition
XANA Extensible Applications Native Approach

Does Aelita love Jeremy?

Aelita always blushes when she talks about something secretive with Jeremie and her. She is Jeremie’s love interest. She loves music and is a great D.J because her father used to play piano for her. Being a talented D.J, the Subdigitals decided for her to do concerts.

Will there be a 5th season of Code Lyoko?

Paris, France-based Moonscoop is set to produce a new live action 3D version of its animated series Code Lyoko with co-pro partners France Télévisions and Canal J. The new season, Code Lyoko Evolution, will be the fifth in the series.

What is the fourth season of Code Lyoko?

Code Lyoko Evolution The fourth season of Code Lyoko originally aired from May 18, 2007 to November 17, 2007. It mainly focused on the group traveling the Internet in search of X.A.N.A., in their virtual submarine: the Skidbladnir.

Which characters get new attire on Lyoko?

Yumi, Aelita, Odd and Ulrich don new attire on Lyoko, which debuts in the season’s second episode Double Take. Almost every character gets new attire on Earth as well, which first appears in Maiden Voyage and is seen in every episode after (except for The Lake).

What happened to the core of Lyoko?

After the Core of Lyoko is destroyed, the group searches for a way to rebuild Lyoko once more so they can travel through the web. After a long summer, Jeremie and Aelita announce that they have successfully rebuilt Sector Five. The group also discusses William and how he was lost in the Digital Sea after Lyoko was destroyed.