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What genre is 6cyclemind?

What genre is 6cyclemind?

Indonesian Indie
Turkish Rock

Why ney dimaculangan left 6cyclemind?

Burnout was one of the reasons that Ney left 6cyclemind—he wanted to try something new. For the past two years, he has been trying to make a mark as a solo artist. In the process, the fire in his belly has been re-ignited. Going solo, Ney said, was at once exciting and daunting.

Who is the vocalist of 6cyclemind?

Tutti Caringal
Ney Dimaculangan

How was 6cyclemind founded?

During his stay, he signed up a group managed by Darwin Hernandez where he met Ryan “Rye” Sarmiento, Roberto “Bob” Cañamo, Gilbert “Gibbz” Magat and Rhoneil “Ney” Dimaculangan. Isidro and Hernandez agreed to form a band with them, which became 6cyclemind.

Who is the vocalist of cueshe?

Ruben Caballero
Jay Justiniani

Who is the vocalist of Urbandub?

Gabby Alipe
Lalay LimJohn Dinopol

According to the lead vocalist Gabby Alipe, behind the band’s name: When we were just starting out..urbandub was supposed to be a reggae band…we were suppose [sic] to play reggae mixed with dub, ska, dancehall, hiphop, and rock.

Who is the vocalist of Rivermaya?

Mark Escueta
Bamboo MañalacMike Elgar

Who is the vocalist of Callalily?

Kean CiprianoCallalily / Singer

Is Cueshé disbanded?

While its contemporaries may have either disbanded or changed members but Cueshé is still as solid as ever. It is still comprised of Jay Justiniani on vocals; Ruben Caballero, guitars/vocals; Jovan Mabini, guitars; Jhunjie Dosdos, keyboards; Fritz Labrado, bass; and Mike Manaloto, drums.

Where is Jay of Cueshé now?

Cueshé is an OPM pop alternative band that hails from Cebu City, Philippines and is currently based in Manila.

Is urbandub disbanded?

2015Urbandub / Active until

What genre is urbandub?

PopUrbandub / Genre