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What ethnicity is setsuna?

What ethnicity is setsuna?

Setsuna F. Seiei
Weight: 49 kg (Season 1) 58 kg (Season 2)
Nationality: Republic of Krugis
Affiliation: Celestial Being
Prev. Affiliation: KPSA

What happened to setsuna in Gundam 00?

He finally lost his final battle against Setsuna; and he was about to suicide (according to what Bushido stated). However he hesitated when remembering Setsuna’s final words to him: “I will fight to live on”. At the end he did not hate or despise Setsuna and called his fate link with him as an unavoidable destiny.

Who did setsuna end up with?

As you know after that Setsuna finally calms down and a few days later she is sleeping with him and telling him she’s never been so happy in her entire life because he finally accepted her feelings. The next 2 years are super happy for Setsuna. After that he asks her for marriage but instead he chooses Kazusa.

What happened to setsuna in Yashahime?

Setsuna’s death is both surprising and tragic. As her hand slips from Towa’s, Towa reminisces on her letting go of Setsuna back in the forest fire all those years ago, and the bitter regrets this caused. Even Kirinmaru is regretful that things had to play out this way.

Does setsuna become a Gundam?

He is a Gundam Meister and pilots Gundam Exia, specialized in melee combat. The group pursues the complete eradication of armed conflict mainly through the deployment of the revolutionary Gundam units in aggressive armed interventions. Setsuna’s real name is Soran Ibrahim; with Setsuna being his codename.

What happened to setsuna at the end of the movie?

Setsuna successfully stopped the ELS from reaching earth, made peace with the ELS, fast forward into the future he comes back and hugs Marina and finally achieves understanding.

Who is stronger setsuna and Towa?

It’s become exceptionally clear that Towa is the strongest of the three by far, and Setsuna and Moroha are coming to rely on her more and more.

Who is Sesshomaru’s wife?

1. Who is Sesshomaru’s Wife? Rin married Sesshomaru and became his wife at some point in time before the events in Yashahime. She then gave birth to their twin daughters, Towa and Setsuna, soon after which they were left in the forest.

What is setsuna true name?

Setsuna’s real name is Soran Ibrahim; with Setsuna being his codename. He was once a child soldier of Krugis descent in the war-torn Krugis Republic, being the sole survivor of an ill-fated all-youth suicidal commando battalion created by Ali Al-Saachez.

How did setsuna survive?

Alejandro thought he had vaporized Exia from the blast, but Setsuna had survived by using Trans-Am.

Is Ribbons Almark good or bad?

Ribbons Almark is the main antagonist of the series, acting through Alejandro Corner in the first season before abandoning him. Seeing himself to be godlike, Ribbons’ main goal throughout the series has been to twist Aeolia’s plan to suit his own agenda of ruling humanity.

Is Regene regetta related to Ribbons Almark?

Ribbons Almark is voiced by Tōru Furuya (using a pseudonym Noboru Sōgetsu) in Japanese and Michael Adamthwaite in English. Regene Regetta is an Innovator who is the genetic twin of Tieria Erde. Although he works closely with Ribbons Almark, the two do not always see eye to eye (in part because of Ribbons’ ego).

How did ribbons meet Setsuna?

He had Ali al-Saachez, with his Arche Gundam, lure Setsuna to come to the remains of Krugis and meet him. Once there, Ribbons revealed himself from an old standing tower and had a chat with Setsuna, calling him by his real name, Soran Ebrahim, shocking Setsuna.

How old is Leif from Ribbons Almark?

An Innovade with the same pattern as Ribbons Almark: type 0026. He is physically 18 years old. As an Innovade, Leif has the ability to distinguish humans from Innovades and he has been charged with finding and educating other qualified Innovades.