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What episode of Family Guy is the commentary?

What episode of Family Guy is the commentary?

You Can’t Handle the Booth
The Griffins provide DVD commentary on a recent episode and reveal never-before-told drama between Peter and Lois.

What is the funniest Family Guy episode?

The 20 Best And Funniest Family Guy Episodes

  • “Brian Writes A Bestseller”
  • “Road to the North Pole”
  • “Back to the Pilot”
  • “Lois Comes Out Of Her Shell” Season 11, Episode 6.
  • “Roads to Vegas” Season 11, Episode 21.
  • “Baking Bad” Season 13, Episode 3.
  • “Peter’s Sister” Season 14, Episode 6.
  • “Dog Bites Bear” Season 16 Episode 11.

Why was Family Guy Cancelled season 3?

In 2002, the series was canceled again after three seasons due to low ratings. Fox attempted to sell the rights for reruns of the show, but it was difficult to find networks that were interested; Cartoon Network eventually bought the rights, “[…]

What season is can’t handle the booth?

You Can’t Handle the Booth! is the sixteenth episode of the seventeenth season of Family Guy.

Who does Sarah Paulson play in Family Guy?

Marcia Clark
“Family Guy” You Can’t Handle the Booth (TV Episode 2019) – Sarah Paulson as Sarah Paulson, Marcia Clark, Costumed Woman – IMDb.

Did Ryan Reynolds play himself in Family Guy?

Actor Ryan Reynolds guest starred in the episode as himself.

Who is Rob Franzese?

Robert Franzese is an internet celebrity who is well known for his voice acting and improvisational skills. Robert personifies the character Peter Griffin from the hit TV show Family Guy, donning his clothes, and impersonating his voice.

Who is Peter Griffin ex wife?

When Lois discovers that Peter is making significantly more than she does in “You Can’t Handle the Booth!” during the recording of a DVD commentary, she is told that is because Peter was able to negotiate a higher salary to pay alimony to his ex-wife, Sarah Paulson.