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What episode of Black Sails is Jessica Parker Kennedy in?

What episode of Black Sails is Jessica Parker Kennedy in?

“Black Sails” I. (TV Episode 2014) – Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max – IMDb.

How Old Is Jessica Parker Kennedy?

37 years (October 3, 1984)Jessica Parker Kennedy / Age

Where can I watch black sails Season 2?

Watch Black Sails Season 2: Stream Full Episodes on STARZ – Free Trial.

What is Max’s accent in Black Sails?

Max is from some French-speaking island. Well, at least part of the time she is. The rest of the time, Kennedy forgets her unconvincing accent altogether. Starz should have hired Pepe Le Pew as a vocal coach.

Who plays Mrs Barlow in Black Sails?

Louise Barnes
Louise Barnes is an actress in the TV series Black Sails. Louise portrays the role of Miranda Barlow….

Louise Barnes
Portrays Miranda Barlow
Gender Female
Hair Dyed blond
IMDb IMDB profile

How tall is Jessica Parker Kennedy?

5′ 1″Jessica Parker Kennedy / Height

Who is Jessica Parker married to?

Matthew BroderickSarah Jessica Parker / Spouse (m. 1997)

Why was Black Sails Cancelled?

Steinberg noted in a press release that he and the producers of Black Sails were forced to make a difficult decision when looking to end the show after Season 4, but they all felt that what they had planned for that season would be the best way to cap off the ramp up to “Treasure Island” that the show had always been.

What happened in Black Sails season 2?

By the end of Season 2, Silver is a beloved member of the crew, he’s Flint’s chief advisor, and he loses a leg just to save the brotherhood he initially didn’t care to be part of. Still, even though Silver’s a real pirate now, first and foremost, he’s a skilled liar, a master manipulator, and a champion storyteller.

How did Max betray Anne?

4 Max (Betraying Anne) Although she, Rackham, and Anne kept their shares of the Urca gold together, and exchanged it together in order to make it easier to transport, when push came to shove Max gave hers to Woodes Rogers in return for a position on his council.

What happened to Max at the end of Black Sails?

At the end of the series, Augustus Featherstone becomes the new governor of Nassau with Idelle and Max is seen with a smile, the real power behind the throne.

Who played Lady Hamilton in Black Sails?

Louise Barnes
Born Louise Barnes 26 April 1974 South Africa
Occupation Actress, voice artist
Years active 2004–present