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What does tighten up loose ends mean?

What does tighten up loose ends mean?

Definition of tie up loose ends : to complete the parts of something that have not been completed We still have to tie up some loose ends of the project.

What does it mean to call someone a loose end?

Definition of at a loose end : not knowing what to do : not having anything in particular to do With everyone on vacation she was at a loose end.

Where does the term tie up loose ends come from?

The term loose ends refers to the ends of a rope, string, or cable that needs to be fastened. Most sources speculate that the term loose ends, and the longer expression tying up loose ends, both come from nautical origins. If a sailor needed to prepare his boat for departure, he has many things to do.

What’s another way of saying tie up loose ends?

“A small number have been kept on to tie up loose ends before it permanently closes its doors next month.”…What is another word for tie up loose ends?

wind up end
complete settle
finaliseUK finalizeUS
liquidate do
break off dead-end

What does it mean to leave no loose ends?

in English – English Dictionary. left nothing undone, finished up all of his business before he left.

What does Are you loose mean?

lacking in reticence or power of restraint: a loose tongue. lax, as the bowels. lacking moral restraint or integrity: notorious for his loose character. sexually promiscuous or immoral; unchaste.

How do you use loose ends in a sentence?

work that is left incomplete.

  1. I was at a loose end so I decided to go see an old movie.
  2. Come and see us if you’re at a loose end.
  3. If you find yourself at a loose end, you could always clean the bathroom.
  4. He was at a loose end.
  5. I felt rather at a loose end at the end of the term so I decided to take a trip to London.

What is the meaning of tied up?

1 : to attach, fasten, or bind securely also : to wrap up and fasten. 2a : to connect closely : join tie up the loose ends. b : to cause to be linked so as to depend on or relate to something. 3a : to place or invest in such a manner as to make unavailable for other purposes their money was tied up in stocks.

How do you say unfinished business?


  1. unended.
  2. uncompleted.
  3. incomplete.
  4. pending.

What do you mean by tie up?

What does a loose cannon meaning?

a dangerously uncontrollable person or thing
A loose cannon is defined as “a dangerously uncontrollable person or thing.” It is a phrase that comes up often during election cycles, as candidates try to paint each other as rash and impulsive decision-makers.

What does it mean to call a girl loose?

Filters. A sexually promiscuous woman; a prostitute.