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What does the title of Native Son mean?

What does the title of Native Son mean?

The title “Native Son” refers to the multitude of young men represented by Bigger Thomas, men who have grown up in a society that constantly pushes them down and tells them they are trash.

What are two major symbols used in Native Son?

Native Son Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory

  • The Rat. In the opening scene of the novel, Bigger must confront a rat in his family’s one-room apartment.
  • The Pigeon Flying Away.
  • Mary’s Severed Head.
  • Bigger’s Dream.
  • Snow.
  • Mrs.
  • The Wooden Cross.

What does the rat symbolize in Native Son?

The rat symbolizes many things such a greed, inner thoughts, and disaster. The rat in the “Native Son” fits all three. It shows who Bigger really is, a man who is lost in a battle between societies, the poor black society and the rich white society.

What is the main point of Notes of a Native Son?

The point of Baldwin’s essays is not so much to make his readers aware of racial prejudice in the States as it is to attempt to look at that prejudice, analyze it, understand where it comes from, and decide how to deal with it. He does this in a variety of ways. One of these is by relating personal experience.

What are the themes in Native Son?

Write short notes on any of the following themes of the novel: Racial discrimination; conflict; exploitation; fear/hate.

Why is the book Native Son important?

Native Son is an enduring work of fiction for two main reasons. First is its raw depiction of racial injustice in America in the 1930s, and in particular the impact of segregation on the lives of inner-city blacks.

What does the color white symbolize in Native Son?

When he falls to the ground, the snow fills his mouth, ears, and eyes—all his senses are overwhelmed with a literal whiteness, representing the metaphorical “whiteness” he feels has been controlling him his whole life.

What does the furnace symbolize in Native Son?

The furnace, therefore, is not just an implement used by Bigger to aid in the commission of his crime; it is also a symbol of one of his small jobs at the Dalton estate, and a fiery reminder of the terrible deed Bigger has done.

What does the snow symbolize in Native Son?

First, it functions as a symbol of how Bigger increasingly digs himself deeper and deeper into his crime and lies. Secondly, when snow appears around the Daltons’ house, it symbolizes the way that the white community has acted as a trap that Bigger cannot escape. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member.

What does the white cat represent in Native Son?

As Bigger is previously symbolized as a black rat who is unwelcome, the white cat symbolism establishes it as a predator to Bigger who is in a place he does not belong.

What is the central idea of Native Son by James Baldwin?

Inheritance, Tradition, and Belonging. Throughout the book, Baldwin explores the fraught senses of inheritance and belonging among African Americans.