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What does the song easy like Sunday morning mean?

What does the song easy like Sunday morning mean?

In this song, Richie sings about giving up on a relationship because it’s bringing him down. He feels liberated after the breakup and has a sense of calm that’s “easy like Sunday morning.” The song is often misinterpreted as a sweet love song.

Who originally sang Easy like Sunday morning?

Easy (Commodores song)

Songwriter(s) Lionel Richie
Producer(s) James Anthony Carmichael Commodores
Commodores singles chronology
“Fancy Dancer” (1977) “Easy” (1977) “Brick House” (1977)

Who wrote Easy?

Lionel RichieEasy / LyricistLionel Brockman Richie, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and television judge. Wikipedia

Who Covered easy like Sunday morning?


Title Performer Release date
Easy The Commodores 1977
Easy Top of the Pops July 1977
Easy Pholhas 1978
Easy Limmericks 1978

What does Easy Like mean?

Something very likeable
Easy-like definition Filters. Something very likeable ; something so good that it is easy to like it.

Who played the guitar solo on easy?

McClary spent 15 years as the lead guitarist for the Commodores. His guitar solo in the Commodores song “Easy” earned him his first write-up in Rolling Stone and was called “one of the best solo guitar performances of all time” by writer Dave Thompson.

Who played the guitar solo on Easy?

Who sang I Never Promised You a Rose Garden?

Lynn AndersonRose Garden / Artist

Who wrote She’s a brick house?

Ronald LaPread
Thomas McClaryMilan WilliamsLionel Richie
Brick House/Composers

How many number one songs did the Commodores have?

seven number one songs
The group is credited with seven number one songs and a host of other Top Ten hits on the Billboard charts, and their vast catalog includes more than 50 albums. The members of Commodores, all of whom attended Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, came together as a result of two groups disbanding: the Mystics and the Jays.

What is the meaning of Rose Garden?

rose garden (plural rose gardens) (literally) A garden devoted primarily to roses. (idiomatic) A highly desirable situation.