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What does the S4 nerve root control?

What does the S4 nerve root control?

S1 nerves affect the hips and groin. S2 nerves affect the back of the thighs. S3 nerves affect the medial buttock area. S4 and S5 nerves affect the perineal area.

What is S4 nerve?

The sacral spinal nerve 4 (S4) is a spinal nerve of the sacral segment. Sacral spinal nerve. The plan of the lumbosacral plexus. Details. Identifiers.

What is the dermatome of C4?

The C4 dermatome covers parts of the neck, shoulders, and upper part of arms. C5 helps control the deltoids (which form the rounded contours of the shoulders) and the biceps (which allow bending of the elbow and rotation of the forearm). The C5 dermatome covers the outer part of the upper arm down to about the elbow.

What does S4 and S5 innervate?

S1 affects the hips and groin area. S2 affects the back of the thighs. S3 affects the medial buttock area. S4 & S5 affect the perineal area.

Where is your S4 located?

Sacrum and Lumbosacral Spine The sacrum is located in between the right and left iliac bones (hips) and forms the back of the pelvis. The sacrum, along with the coccyx and 2 sacroiliac joints make up the pelvic girdle.

Where is 4th sacral nerve?

From the second, third, and fourth sacral nerves, a pelvic splanchnic nerve is given to the inferior hypogastric plexus. These are parasympathetic fibers that supply the hindgut and the pelvic viscera. The sacral plexus lies in the back of the pelvis between the piriformis muscle and the pelvis fascia.

Where is the L4 dermatome?

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Nerve Root Dermatomes
L2 Back, front of thigh to knee
L3 Back, upper buttock, anterior thigh and knee, medial lower leg
L4 Medial buttock, latera thigh, medial leg, dorsum of foot, big toe

What does S5 nerve do?

The S5 roots and coccygeal nerves leave the sacral canal via the sacral hiatus. These nerves provide sensory and motor innervation to their respective dermatomes and myotomes. They also provide partial innervation to several pelvic organs, including the uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder, and prostate.

What muscles are innervated by L4 and L5?

The medial and lateral head of gastrocnemius and the soleus were confirmed to be S1 innervation, but tibialis anterior had a dual innervation at L4 and L5. Extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus and brevis, and peroneus longus were supplied predominantly by L5.

What part of the spine controls the legs?

Sacral region The lowest part of the spinal cord contains 5 pairs of nerves. These control the thighs, lower legs, and the genital and anal areas. Sacral nerve injury can happen anywhere from the upper lumbar spine down to the sacrum.