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What does the presence control do on a Marshall amp?

What does the presence control do on a Marshall amp?

The presence control takes care of the overall treble response of the amp from the power section. This means once you’ve dialed in your tone, you can increase the overall brightness of the entire tone with the presence control. If you turn the presence down, you get a sound with a noticeable cut in top end.

What is presence Marshall?

In a Marshall circuit, A presence control takes a small signal from the output and introduces it to the phase inverter. The frequencies it attenuates are set by the capacitor values in the circuit. The -FB signal attenuates the signal at the phase inverter input because it’s out of phase.

What does presence mean on a receiver?

Presence speakers supplement the sound from the front speakers with extra ambient effects produced by CINEMA DSP. These effects include sounds that Filmmakers intend to locate a little farther back behind the screen in order to create more theater-like ambiance.

What is presence in EQ?

The presence control of an amp is usually interactive with the other EQ controls. It directly adjusts frequencies above the treble control, but it does more than that. Most presence controls also change frequency roll off when adjusted.

What is the presence setting on an amp?

In an amplifier, a presence control boosts the upper mid-range frequencies to make the sounds of voices and instruments with similar tonal ranges seem more “present”. On television production studio’s sound desk, there can be several presence controls, for several different, switchable, frequencies.

What is the difference between presence and treble?

The treble is definitely more aggressive, while the presence sits above those frequencies giving control of the air or dealing back the fizz.

What frequency is a presence control?

On the V3, V3M and Legacy the presence control adds high frequency content in the 5kHz to 10kHz range when turned up. This is a slightly higher range than where the treble control starts adjusting, making it especially useful for further fine tuning your tone. For a warmer sound, turn the presence down.

What does resonance and presence do?

The presence and resonance reduce the negative feedback in the power amp. The point of the negative feedback is the make the power amp operate as linear as possible. By turning up the presence, you fool the amp into thinking the is to little treble in the output so it treble will increase.

What frequencies are presence?

4 to 6 kHz
The audio spectrum is the audible frequency range at which humans can hear and spans from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz….Summary Table.

Frequency Range Frequency Values
Midrange 500 Hz to 2 kHz
Upper midrange 2 to 4 kHz
Presence 4 to 6 kHz
Brilliance 6 to 20 kHz