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What does the name quetzal mean?

What does the name quetzal mean?

The Resplendent Quetzal is an important symbol in both Aztec and Mayan culture. The trogon’s name is derived from the word quetzal, meaning “precious” or “sacred” in several Mesoamerican languages, so it’s no surprise this bird was considered divine.

Whats a powerful name for a Boy?

Ethan- Latin name, means “constant” Evander- Hebrew origin, means “life” Everett- German name, means “strong boar” Ezekiel- Hebrew name, means “strength of God” Farrell- Old English origin, means “man of valor”

Is quetzal a male or female name?

The name Quetzal is primarily a female name of Aztec origin that means Precious Flower, Queen.

What is a warrior name for a Boy?

Along with Gunnar and Marcus, other boy names that mean warrior in the US Top 1000 include Callan, Duncan, Kane, and Miles. Less common warrior names that may appeal include Connery, Evander, Maude, and Ottoline.

Is Quetzal a name?

The name Quetzal is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name meaning “large beautiful tail feather”. A quetzal is a beautiful, brightly-colored bird found in Mexico and Central America. It is the national bird of Guatemala, as well as the name of their currency.

What’s the rarest boy name?

The rarest baby boy name is Rome, but other rare baby boy names include Chester, Henley, and Maynard. Finding a rare baby boy name means discovering a unique fit for your little one.

What is the toughest male name?

Strong Names for Boys

  • Patton: The fighter’s town.
  • Andrew: Manly, courageous, and warrior.
  • Brian: Noble.
  • Gabriel: God is my strength.
  • Rainer: The wise army.
  • Roger: Famous and honorable spear.
  • Troy: Soldier.
  • Everett: Brave and strong boar.

What boy name means fearless?

82 Baby Boy Names That Mean Fearless

Abheek Fearless; Brave; Courageous Boy
Abhey Fearless; Brave; Courageous Boy
Abhi Fearless; Brave; Courageous Boy
Abhinu Brave Man; Fearless; Courageous Boy

What male names mean fighter?

Baby names for boys that have a strong, fighting meaning

  • Aaron. Meaning: ‘High mountain or strong mountain’
  • Alexander. Meaning: ‘Defender of mankind’
  • Cayden. Meaning: ‘Great fighter’
  • Donovan. Meaning: ‘Strong fighter’
  • Dustin. Meaning: ‘Fighter’
  • Ebba. Meaning: ‘Strength of an animal’
  • Ethan. Meaning: ‘Strong, safe, firm’
  • Griffin.

How do you pronounce the word quetzal?

noun, plural quet·zals, quet·za·les [ket-sah-leys].

Is the quetzal a parrot?

The resplendent quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala because of its vibrant colour….

Class: Aves
Order: Trogoniformes
Family: Trogonidae