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What does the debuted mean?

What does the debuted mean?

make a first appearance
intransitive verb. : to make a first appearance or a formal entrance into society : to make a debut. transitive verb. : to present to the public for the first time : introduce debut a new product.

Is there a word debuted?

Debuted definition As a noun, a “debut” is an appearance.

Is debuted grammatically correct to use?

We would not normally say that a film “debuted”, although it’s grammatically correct. “Was debuted” is not correct.

What is the synonym of debuted?

Synonyms of ‘debut’ in British English Think of this as a new beginning. launch. the launch of a campaign to restore law and order. launching. introduction.

How do you use debuting in a sentence?

Debuting sentence example

  1. Debuting in October 1974, the show was created by animator Bob Godfrey and writer Grange Calveley.
  2. Also debuting over the weekend were horror remake The omen and A Prairie Home Companion.

What do you call a first time event?

Definition of inaugural (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : of or relating to an inauguration. 2 : marking a beginning : first in a projected series. inaugural.

How do you spell the past tense of debut?

Pronounced “deh-byood,” it means “introduced” or “launched.” Debuted is the past tense of the verb “debut” (pronounced “deh-byoo”), which means to appear in public. As a noun, a “debut” is an appearance.

Is there plural for debut?

The plural form of debut is debuts.

How do you use debuted in a sentence?

She debuted on the stage in school plays and in community theater productions, and she hasn’t stopped since. She debuted on the big screen the same year in the critically acclaimed independent film, Real Women Have Curves. Efron debuted on the big screen in 2007’s Hairspray.

What is opposite word of debut?

We have listed all the opposite words for debut alphabetically. closing. concluding. final. finishing.

What is the antonym and synonym of debut?

deɪˈbjuː, ˈdeɪbjuː) The act of beginning something new. Antonyms. finish debit credit deactivation end ending death. entry product introduction start commencement naturalization.

What happens in a debut?

The debutante dances with 18 special men in her life, starting with her father, continuing with her brothers and friends, and ending with her escort or her special someone. Each male will hand her a rose which is a symbol of love or courtship.

What is the meaning of the word debut?

First or earliest; maiden: a debut novel; the filly’s debut race; the singer’s debut performance. To present as or make a debut: The company will debut a new logo next year. He debuted as a model when he was 18.

What does it mean to debut a new character?

1 : a first public appearance The singer made his debut on TV. 1 : to make a first public appearance A new character debuted in today’s comic strip. 2 : to present to the public for the first time The car manufacturer is debuting its new models.

What does it mean for a show to debut on Broadway?

uk ​ /ˈdeɪ.bju/ us ​ /ˈdeɪ.bju/. › to perform or be introduced to the public for the first time: The Broadway show debuted last year to great acclaim.

What is the correct way to say debut in French?

French début, from débuter to begin, from Middle French desbuter to play first, from des- de- + but starting point, goal — more at butt entry 2 “Debut.”