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What does tachikoma mean in Japanese?

What does tachikoma mean in Japanese?

Tachikoma (Japanese: タチコマ) are fictional walker robots endowed with artificial intelligence (AI) that are featured in the Ghost in the Shell universe.

How big is a tachikoma?

W350 x D390 x H250 mm
What size is Tachikoma?

Size Approx. W350 x D390 x H250 mm
Weight Approx. 1.5kg

What happened to the Tachikomas?

The silver Tachikoma is destroyed on sight when it finds Batou under attack by an Armed Suit, a bipedal power-actuated armored exoskeleton.

How old is Ghost in the Shell?

Ghost in the Shell was developed by Exact and released for the PlayStation on July 17, 1997, in Japan by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a third-person shooter featuring an original storyline where the character plays a rookie member of Section 9.

Does togusa have a cyber brain?

Togusa is the least-augmented member of Section 9, but he can still fare well in melee combat against cyborgs (as seen in at least two episodes). All he has is the implanted cyber-brain, just like Chief Aramaki.

Is Ghost in the Shell mecha?

Various mecha appear throughout the Ghost in the Shell series and often play the roles protagonist or antagonist, and are also used as philosophical and foreshadowing devices.

How old is Kusanagi?

Kusanagi has never been headhunted by Section 9, because she knew Aramaki since she joined Army Intelligence. In 2034, 2 years after she left Section 9, she is ~46 years of age. Following this logic, she was born 1986-1988 and became full cyborg in 1995-1997. In Shirow’s chronology it’s a realitic date.

Is Motoko Kusanagi a man?

However her human mentality is considerably older than she looks. I tried to depict this maturity in her character instead of the original girl created by Masamune Shirow.” In nearly all portrayals, Kusanagi is depicted as a self-made woman.

Why does togusa use a revolver?

Through out the show Togusa uses a Mateba Autorevolver, the 6 Unica. In the shows setting, this is an archaic firearms, and as such Togusa acquires the nickname “Mateba.” Togusa sticks by his arhaic revolver, in a wold of semi-auto pistols, because it cannot jam and that “six bullets is enough to get the job done.”

What is Hanka robotics?

Hanka Precision Instruments is a major manufacturer of AI robots. They manufacture a variety of different models from defense to waitpersons.

Is Kusanagi a woman?