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What does SR stand for Yamaha?

What does SR stand for Yamaha?

The SR 125 is a light motorcycle from the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha Motor , which was built from 1996 to 2002. The term “SR” stands for “Single Road”. The total length is 2020 mm. A cylinder, four-stroke engine and soft chopper look from the early 1980s were the features of the SR 125 presented in 1995.

Does Yamaha SR 500 have electric start?

The SR500 employed a slightly modified version of its large single-cylinder from the XT500/TT500 and had electronic ignition as well as a handle bar mounted compression release lever to make kick starting much easier.

What years did Yamaha make the SR500?

SR 400. The road sport models SR400 and SR500 were released in 1978, following in the steps of the XT500 which had the same single cylinder engine.

Is SR400 fuel injected?

The SR400 is a meld of old and new bringing fuel injection and electronic ignition into the retro styling that’s essentially unchanged since 1978. Easily customized into a café racer, bobber, or street tracker, the SR 400 is a blank canvas for you to make it yours.

What does SR mean on a dirt bike?


Class Engine/Motor Size & Type
Limited Peewee Sr. (7-8 yrs.) 0cc – 51cc two or four-stroke
Limited Peewee (4-8 yrs.) 0cc – 51cc two-stroke
Limited Peewee (4-8 yrs.) 0cc – 51cc two or four-stroke
65cc (7 – 9 yrs.) 59cc – 65cc 2-stroke

Does Yamaha still make the SR400?

Well, Yamaha heard those calls, and after 43 years on the market, 2021 will be the SR400’s farewell tour. Available in Japan since 1978, the SR400 was originally a spinoff of Yamaha’s iconic XT500 enduro.

Is Yamaha still making the SR400?

What happened to the Yamaha SR400?

Yamaha SR400 will soon be discontinued after 43 years of service. Yamaha SR400 will soon be discontinued after 43 years of service. Yamaha has introduced the SR400 Final Edition motorcycle in the Japanese market.

What is a Kawasaki KX SR?

ONE-OF-A-KIND The all-new KX™450SR is designed for serious competitors seeking race-wins. Featuring elite-level racing components, special tuning and design updates inspired by the Monster Energy® Kawasaki race team, this limited-edition Special Racer boasts elevated performance and factory racer looks.

What does SR mean on a motorcycle?

Apr 26, 2008 at 6:51am. Quote. Apr 25, 2008 at 11:47pm aero said: The project to develop the XT was headed by Shunji Tanaka, who dubbed the bike ‘single roadster’ or SR.

Will Yamaha bring back the SR400?

In December 2019 we did say Yamaha doesn’t want to resurrect its retro novelty the SR400. Our news was accurate as Yamaha has brought the final edition of the SR400. Yamaha Motor Co Ltd Japan will release the “SR400 Final Edition” equipped with an air-cooled on March 15, 2021.

Is the Yamaha SR400 available in Canada?

Yamaha’s SR400 won’t be coming to Canada this year, though it’ll be for sale in the US. According to multiple US news sources, the single-cylinder classic (a direct descendant of the ’70s-era SR500) will hit US showrooms in June, as a 2015 model.