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What does skin caviar do?

What does skin caviar do?

COLLECTION BENEFITS Lifts and firms skin. Helps restore the appearance of elasticity and tone. Smoothes and refines skin texture.

How do you use Skin Caviar eye Lift?

How to use: Apply morning and evening. Slowly press the pump once to release a small amount onto your fingertip. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, dot along the crease to the outer corner. With a continuous dabbing gesture, move along the brow bone from the outer to the inner corner.

How do you use La Prairie liquid lift?

Apply morning and evening after Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion. Press the pump to dispense one to two drops into the palm of the hand. Using fingertips, smooth over face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Allow to absorb completely before following with your preferred Skin Caviar moisturiser.

Where is La Prairie made?

Made in Switzerland. La Prairie celebrates its origins on August 1, the Swiss National Day.

Is caviar good for your face?

Black caviar contains many antioxidants that help minimize wrinkles, tighten skin, and help with anti-aging. It also contains many substances that help regenerate and maintain skin elasticity such as iodine, peptides, zinc, iron, magnesium and retinol.

Does caviar contain retinol?

“The La Prairie scientists have pushed the boundaries once again and discovered caviar has pure, natural, retinol within it,” says Belinda Besant, La Prairie’s Education Director. “We know retinol is a very coveted ingredient. Knowing the retinol was actually derived from caviar makes it unique.”

How do you use La Mer Lifting eye Serum?

Apply a drop of the serum onto the ring finger and press into areas needing maximum lift. Use the flat side of the applicator to smooth under eye and over lid, from inner to outer corner. Use the round side of the applicator to help stimulate microcirculation, cool and soothe.

What is caviar serum?

The Caviar Essence Serum contains rich caviar extract that is high in amino acids and proteins, which helps to improve tone and to firm sagging skin. It also boosts collagen to give the complexion a smoothed over effect, with fresh glowing skin.

Is La Prairie owned by Clinique?

Here is the bottom line: To keep things straight you have to be conscious of the fact that Clinique La Prairie, which refers to the famous medical spa in Switzerland, sold their product line, La Prairie, in 1982. Since that time the companies have been totally separate.

Is La Prairie a luxury brand?

La Prairie is the leader in luxury skincare, present in 90 countries around the world. Synonymous not only with luxury, the La Prairie name evokes innovation, performance, high-touch service and Swissness — the purity, precision and excellence inherent to the extraordinary land that saw the brand’s inception in 1978.

Does caviar have collagen?

Contents of Caviar Extract include Phospholipids, collagen, trace elements, O3 fatty acid, Proteins, phosphorus, phosphoproteins, metallics, petit.