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What does Shoji name mean?

What does Shoji name mean?

Japanese (Shoji): ‘(one who lives near a) small road’. The name is not common in Japan. Similar surnames: Shoda, Hori, Seki, Shi, Suomi, Cho, Shoun, Shan, Hari, Shor.

Is Shoji a Japanese name?

Shōji, Shoji, Shouji or Shohji is a masculine Japanese given name written with various kanji (正治, 昌二, 昭二, etc.).

Is Shoji a first or last name?

Shoji is also the 2,243rd most frequently held first name at a global level. It is borne by 454,135 people. The surname is most commonly held in Japan, where it is carried by 114,876 people, or 1 in 1,113.

What Japanese name means moon girl?

Hatsuki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘moon, wave’ is the symbol of purity and is a beautiful name for your gift from god. Hazuki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘leaf and moon’ represents the sweet and loving character of your baby girl.

What nationality is the name Shoji?

What is the meaning of the name Shoji? The name Shoji is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means Proper, Heal, Peace, Happiness.

How tall is Shoji from MHA?

In comparison, the tallest student is Mezo Shoji, at 187 cm (or 6′ 2″), and the shortest student is Minoru Mineta, at 108 cm (or 3′ 6½”).

What is Shoji’s hero name?

Mezo Shoji ( 障 しょう 子 じ 目 め 蔵 ぞう , Shōji Mezō?), also known as the Tentacle Hero: Tentacole (触手ヒーロー テンタコル, Shokushu Hīrō Tentakoru?), is a student in Class 1-A at U.A.

What are Japanese paper doors called?

shoji, Japanese Shōji, in Japanese architecture, sliding outer partition doors and windows made of a latticework wooden frame and covered with a tough, translucent white paper. When closed, they softly diffuse light throughout the house.

Why does Shoji wear his mask?

Shoji Mezo’s Personal & Societal Reasons To Hide His Face Where he grew up, he was widely disliked for his mutated appearance — a young girl even burst into tears at the sight of him. This prompted Shoji to accommodate others and cover his true face, at the cost of his personal expression and authenticity.

Does Shoji have a mouth on his face?

Though seeing that same mouth on his face is a bit different than one would expect. Shoji’s shown off his mouth before, but has always covered his face in and out of his hero costume. His Quirk is Dupli-Arms, which allows him to duplicate different parts of his body and spread them out throughout his limbs.