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What does Quaquaversal mean?

What does Quaquaversal mean?

Definition of quaquaversal (Entry 1 of 2) : dipping from a center toward all points of the compass a quaquaversal domal structure —used especially of geological formations —opposed to centroclinal —contrasted with partiversal — compare dome sense 7a.

What does Pericline mean?

Definition of pericline 1 : a variety of albite occurring in white opaque crystals elongated in the direction of the macro-axis and often twinned with this axis as twinning axis. 2 : one of the layers making up a periclinal chimera. 3 : a periclinal cell wall.

What does the word the mean in English?

Wikipedia. The. The (listen) is a grammatical article in English, denoting persons or things already mentioned, under discussion, implied or otherwise presumed familiar to listeners or readers. It is the only definite article in English.

Is Sensile a word?

No, sensile is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Overmorrow a real word?

Archaic. the day after tomorrow: I’ve heard that tomorrow and overmorrow may bring exceptionally high waves.

What does Crapulence mean?

Definition of crapulence 1 archaic : sickness occasioned by intemperance (as in food or drink) 2 : great intemperance especially in drinking.

What is Pericline twinning?

Pericline twinning is a type of crystal twinning which show fine parallel twin laminae typically found in the alkali feldspars microcline. The twinning results from a structural transformation between high temperature and low temperature forms.

What is Doddery?

weak and unable to walk in a normal way, usually because you are old: a doddery old man. Compare.

Does senile mean crazy?

The short answer is, no. “Senile” and “senility” have often been used incorrectly to refer to someone with dementia, creating a negative and often hurtful connotation of the word. Today, “senile” is generally considered an insult and is not used except as part of archaic medical condition names.