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What does praecipe for subpoena mean?

What does praecipe for subpoena mean?

Commanding a defendant to perform an act or to demonstrate why he or she should not perform that act. Requesting that the court perform some action, such as entering a judgment or setting the date for a trial, and that the clerk of the court issue a writ therefor.

What is a court praecipe?

Definition of praecipe 1 : any of various legal writs commanding a person to do something or to appear and show cause why he or she should not. 2 : a written order requesting a clerk or prothonotary of a court to issue a writ and specifying the contents of the writ.

What does praecipe for judgment mean?

Praecipe in Latin means ‘to Command’. Praecipe is a written motion or request seeking some court action especially a trial setting or an entry of judgment. At common law it is a writ ordering a defendant to do some act or to explain why inaction is appropriate.

What does praecipe special execution mean?

An order that commands the clerk of a court to issue a formal writ of execution directing the enforcement of a judgment already rendered and commanding a public officer to seize the defendant’s property in order to satisfy the debt.

What does subpoena with Precipe filed by plaintiff mean?

: a written request for an action (as the issuing of a writ of execution) from a party to a clerk of a court or sometimes to a judge [filed a for the writ of scire facias] [shall issue upon of the plaintiff] NOTE: When addressed to a clerk, a praecipe is usually a request for some action that does not require immediate …

What does the word Precipe mean?

Definition of precipice 1 : a very steep or overhanging place. 2 : a hazardous situation broadly : brink. Synonyms Example Sentences Phrases Containing precipice Learn More About precipice.

How do you move a Praecipe?

5. In case of fresh matter, the Advocate / Party-in-person shall first file the matter in the filing department, obtain stamp/lodging number and then move the Praecipe by mentioning said stamp/lodging number on it and setting out the urgency precisely.

What is a Praecipe for entry of appearance?

Filing a praecipe for entry of appearance: Alerts the court and other parties that the filing attorney represents a certain party in the case. Notifies the court, the parties, and their lawyers of the address at which counsel will accept service of pleadings and other legal papers (Pa.

What is a praecipe for entry of appearance?

What does praecipe to discontinue mean?

Withdraw in the case of a “Praecipe to Withdraw”, means to un-do the filing of a pleading (document) as if it was never filed. 3. Discontinue means to terminate or end the specific action (case) that you started.

What is an example of precipice?

The definition of a precipice is the edge of a steep cliff. An example of a precipice is the edge of a cliff. The brink of a dangerous situation.

What does it mean to be on a precipice?

Word forms: precipices A precipice is a very steep cliff on a mountain. countable noun. If you say that someone is on the edge of a precipice, you mean that they are in a dangerous situation in which they are extremely close to disaster or failure. The king now stands on the brink of a political precipice.