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What does PA Consulting Group do?

What does PA Consulting Group do?

Introduction. PA Consulting Group is a consultancy that specializes in strategy, technology, and innovation. PA has clients in both the private and public sector, ranging from startups to national governments.

Is PA Consulting a good company?

Is PA Consulting a good company to work for? PA Consulting has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5, based on over 1,068 reviews left anonymously by employees. 74% of employees would recommend working at PA Consulting to a friend and 73% have a positive outlook for the business.

What does PA in PA Consulting stand for?

Personnel Administration
PA Consulting Group (formerly Personnel Administration) is a professional services firm that works with public, private and third-sector organisations.

Who will buy PA Consulting?

Global professional services firm Jacobs has completed its acquisition of PA Consulting, valuing the international management consulting firm at more than €2 billion.

Why should I work for PA Consulting?

This is a great place to start a consulting career – you’ll work with people who have a diverse set of skills and experience, have opportunities to make a tangible difference to clients and learn a lot along the way. And if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll also make some life-long friends.

Why is PA Consulting different?

PA Consulting is different to most other consulting firms because it has the ability to develop and test hardware, as well as providing more conventional management and IT consulting. The firm also does a huge variety of work, from developing medical and defence technology to inventing the beer can widget.

Is it hard to get a job at PA Consulting?

They only hire people they think are good enough, which means there is only an A-team and not a B-team as some other consultancies might have. PA thus has a strong market reputation among other employers, because they know how difficult it is to get hired at PA, and also to be succesfull after several years.

What makes PA Consulting different?

Is PA Consulting employee owned?

About PA Consulting Group PA is an employee-owned firm of over 2,500 people, operating globally from offices across North America, Europe, the Nordics, the Gulf and Asia Pacific.

How much does a partner at PA Consulting make?

Top PA Consulting Salaries – By Title The highest paid PA Consulting employees are Partners at $182,000 annually. The lowest paid PA Consulting employees are Junior Managers at $50,000.

Does PA Consulting sponsor visas?

We welcome international applications, but we are unable to offer sponsorship for work permits, so you’ll need to have the full right to live and work in the country you are applying to.