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What does Old Man McGucket say?

What does Old Man McGucket say?

After McGucket goes through the portal, he seemingly spouts gibberish. When played backwards, he says, “YROO XRKSVI! GIRZMTOV!” This is a reference to what he says in a flashback in “Society of the Blind Eye.” “YROO XRKSVI!

What was the password to Stanford’s computer?

At Bigfest, Russia, Alex Hirsch confirmed the password to the laptop was STANFORD. The laptop illustration in the special edition Gravity Falls: Journal 3 also has this password written on it in invisible ink.

What is the backwards message in Gravity Falls intro?

When the first apocalyptic version is played backwards, Bill can be heard saying the words “I’M WATCHING YOU NERDS.” The second one has him saying only “I’M WATCHING YOU!” sounding much angrier. The final one says “Good bye Gravity Falls,” since it’s also the final episode of the series.

What is whispered at the beginning of Gravity Falls?

There is a quick glimpse of a large, hairy figure that appears to be Bigfoot. Towards the end of the song, a whisper plays and sounds like “I’m still here.” But if it is played backwards, the whisper is revealed to be “Three letters back.” This is how one solves the cryptograms at the end of each episode.

Why can’t Bill leave Gravity Falls?

He explains to Ford that he, along with the rest of his friends, can’t escape Gravity Falls. Ford thinks that this is due to a natural magnetism attracting weirdness to Gravity Falls, the event he’s studied for years, a force so strong that it forms a barrier that prevents that weirdness from going outside the town.

How can I change my Sunet password?

Change your password through the Accounts page On the Accounts page, click Manage. Click Change password. Type your current password in the Current Password field. Type your new password in the New Password field.

What does Judylwb Idoov mean?

During the end credits of this episode, there is a cryptogram that reads “ZHOFRPH WR JUDYLWB IDOOV.” Once decoded, it reads “WELCOME TO GRAVITY FALLS.”

What does A-X-O-L-O-T-L mean in Gravity Falls?

powerful extra-dimensional creature
The Axolotl is a powerful extra-dimensional creature whose power ranks massively above that of Time Baby, Bill Cipher, and other types of powerful extra-dimensional creatures. [citation needed] He is mentioned by Bill, while he was being erased by the Memory Gun during the events of Weirdmageddon.