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What does mothballing mean in construction?

What does mothballing mean in construction?

What Is Mothballing? Mothballing is the deactivation and preservation of equipment or a production facility for possible future use or sale. It can also mean the setting aside of an object or idea for possible reuse or revisiting in the future.

What mothballed mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to deactivate (something, such as a ship) and prevent deterioration chiefly by dehumidification. 2 : to withdraw from use or service and keep in reserve : put aside.

How do you mothball a company?

Mothballing is a practice in which a company keeps equipment in working order but not in use. In other words, a temporary suspension of a business – currently the result of reduced customer demand.

What is another word for mothballed?

What is another word for mothballed?

decommissioned deferred
shelved suspended
tabled packed away
put aside put off
shut up put into storage

What are mothballs used for?

The labeled use of mothballs is to kill moths and other fiber insects to protect clothing. To do so properly, place mothballs inside tightly closed containers along with the clothing or materials. The vapors will remain inside the container and kill the moths.

How do you dissolve a company?

The process of dissolving a company is done by the company’s directors by submitting a DS01 form and paying the relevant fee. A notice is then placed in the Gazette stating the company’s intention to strike itself from the register. If no objections are received, the company will be dissolved.

Can I close limited company without paying tax?

It is possible to close your ltd company without paying tax – but only up to your annual tax-free allowance limit. The two main methods of closing down a solvent limited company are Voluntary Strike Off and Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL).

What does it mean to dismantle something?

1 : to disconnect the pieces of will have to dismantle the engine also : to destroy the integrity or functioning of The program was later dismantled due to a lack of funding. 2 : to strip of dress or covering : divest. 3 : to strip of furniture and equipment dismantled the ship before scrapping it.

Are mothballs flammable?

Additionally, mothballs are a fire hazard. Naphthalene is highly flammable, which is why dichlorobenzene in many more modern mothballs has replaced it . However, both chemicals have the same NFPA 704 code for flammability.

Are mothballs illegal?

Regulation of Mothballs Using mothballs in a way not specified by the label is not only illegal, but can harm people, pets or the environment. Some mothballs for sale may be illegal, which means they were imported without oversight of the product contents or labeling.

Can one director dissolve a company?

In theory, this can be achieved by the director who wants to leave simply resigning from their position and leaving the remaining director in charge. However, in reality, it is rarely this simple.

What happens to the liabilities of a dissolved company?

Shareholders are liable to creditors and claimants of the now dissolved corporation up to the amount of assets distributed to the shareholder upon the dissolution of the corporation.