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What does moralization mean?

What does moralization mean?

1 : to explain or interpret morally. 2a : to give a moral quality or direction to. b : to improve the morals of. intransitive verb. : to make moral reflections.

How do you use moralize in a sentence?

Moralize in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Aesop wrote fables to moralize, helping parents teach their children right from wrong.
  2. The humorous storyteller tried not to moralize and rarely told stories that had a deeper meaning.
  3. The play had a strong human message and used character actions to moralize about the importance of compassion.

How do you use mores in a sentence?

Mores sentence example He teaches them good manners and social mores , and he expects them to be just as well-behaved in private as they are in public. In other countries, there may be variations based on the cultural mores , such as head scarves in Muslim countries.

What is an example of moralizing?

If you say that someone is moralizing, you are critical of them for telling people what they think is right or wrong, especially when they have not been asked their opinion. As a dramatist, I hate to moralize. We have tried to avoid any moralizing.

What do you call a self righteous person?

complacent, egotistical, hypocritical, pious, sanctimonious, affected, canting, goody-goody, holier-than-thou, noble, pharisaic, pietistic, preachy, self-satisfied, superior.

What is moralizing in psychology?

The term moralization was introduced by psychologist Paul Rozin in the late 1990s to describe the process by which people’s preferences are transformed into values.

What is moralizing in literature?

to reflect on or express opinions about something in terms of right and wrong, especially in a self-righteous or tiresome way.

What are some example of mores?

Some mores examples include: It is not considered acceptable or mainstream to abuse drugs, particularly those such as heroin and cocaine. It is not considered acceptable to drive at 90 mph in a residential area. It is expected that one would hold the door for a person behind him or her when entering a building.

What are mores in society?

mores: A set of moral norms or customs derived from generally accepted practices. Mores derive from the established practices of a society rather than its written laws.

How do I know if I’m self-righteous?

Self-righteous individuals are often intolerant of the opinions and behaviors of others. A self-righteous person might also be described as expressing disinterest in seeking an unselfish or objective standard of right and wrong, independently of how they interact with other people.

How do you describe someone who thinks they are better than others?

Someone who is conceited thinks that they are the best. Conceited is not as common as pompous, and it is disapproving except in the more informal phrase not to be conceited.

What is a moralist approach?

A moralistic approach focuses individuals, couples, families, and professionals on a moralistic definition of relationship, life, and family processes that presumes a moral ascendancy of one value system over others.