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What does Lush cocktail smell like?

What does Lush cocktail smell like?

Make a strong statement as you spritz yourself with smouldering jasmine, elegant rose and regeneratively sourced ylang ylang from Ghana. The sultry floral notes of ho wood make this perfume an irresistible after-dark companion.

What is a perfume cocktail?

Marrying aroma with flavour, the elaborate display is an interactive menu which customers can smell and experience to decide which fragrance they want to enjoy as a cocktail. At Fragrances, not only smell and taste, but all senses are engaged, especially with the creative and unusual presentations of the cocktails.

What does Breath of God smell like Lush?

Inhale is a light, melony scent while Exhale is a deep, smoky incense that he then combined to create Breath Of God. The melony citrus moves deeper into sandalwood and cedarwood undertones that reveal new facets as you wear it. Our recyclable glass bottles are made from up to 10% recycled materials.

What does Lush love smell like?

A great, refreshing lemongrass scent with a touch of cinnamon.

What is a bath cocktail?

Its signature “The Bathtub” cocktail is served in an actual bathtub, complete with a rubber ducky. The sudsy $20 libation is made with Tito’s vodka, lemon, cucumber jalapeño syrup, St. Germain and lemon foam. The rubber ducky floats on top of the creamy lemon foam.

How do you make aromatic spray for cocktails?

It’s a simple formula: two parts vodka and one part water, steeped with any ingredient until aromatic, then strained into a spray bottle. The vodka is able to extract flavor from the ingredient without overpowering it and when it’s sprayed onto a drink, it works similar to a perfume.

What does Gorilla Perfume mean?

Gorilla Perfumes are expressions of creativity produced in-house, rather than formulas bought in en masse. Exquisite essential oils are used in the creation of Gorilla perfumes. Musicians and a vast network of artists, ecologists and environmentalists inspire, and often collaborate with, Gorilla Perfumes.

How do you use Lush solid perfume?

Melt your solid perfume directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favorite aroma.

What would love to lush?

What Would Love Do by Lush is a Amber fragrance for women and men. What Would Love Do was launched in 2016. Top note is Tangerine; middle note is Lavender; base note is Benzoin. “Love would wrap you in a lavender embrace, and sing a lullaby of calm.

Where is bathtub gin from?

Produced in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bathtub Gin is made in tiny batches of 30-60 bottles.

What Colour is Bathtub Gin?

Bathtub Gin has a slight golden/umber tinge to it, something close to the color of cedar planks. The nose is heavy with juniper, cinnamon and cardamom; orange oil adds a touch if citrusy depth.