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What does lumbered mean?

What does lumbered mean?

lumbered; lumbering\ ˈləm-​b(ə-​)riŋ \ Definition of lumber (Entry 3 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to clutter with or as if with lumber : encumber plan to lumber the tiny town with a giant ski resort— Marilyn Stasio. 2 : to heap together in disorder.

What is a Pandamonium?

Definition of pandemonium 1 : a wild uproar (as because of anger or excitement in a crowd of people) Pandemonium erupted in the courtroom when the verdict was announced.

Is Pandemonius a word?

wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos. a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.

What is the word bedlam mean?

state of uproar and confusion
Definition of bedlam 1 : a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion There was bedlam in the streets after the verdict was announced. 2 or Bedlam : an asylum for the mentally ill. 3 obsolete : madman, lunatic.

What does trudging along mean?

: to walk or march steadily and usually laboriously trudged through deep snow. transitive verb. : to trudge along or over. trudge.

What type of word is lumbered?

lumber used as a verb: to move clumsily. to load down with things, to fill, to encumber.

What is the word balderdash mean?

noun. senseless, stupid, or exaggerated talk or writing; nonsense. Obsolete. a muddled mixture of liquors.

What does coaxing someone mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to influence or gently urge by caressing or flattering : wheedle coaxed him into going. 2 : to draw, gain, or persuade by means of gentle urging or flattery unable to coax an answer out of him coaxing consumers to buy new cars.

What does panegyricus mean?

panegyric \pan-uh-JEER-ik\ noun. : a eulogistic oration or writing; also : formal or elaborate praise.

What is an example of bedlam?

The definition of a bedlam is a scene of noise and confusion. A flood displacing hundreds of residents is an example of a bedlam. A place or situation of noisy uproar and confusion.

Does bedlam mean chaos?

bedlam in American English disorder, tumult, chaos, clamor, turmoil, commotion, pandemonium.

What does trudge the road of happy mean?

The transition of mind and body from a seemingly hopeless state of pain and darkness to one of contentment, peace, and ease is a hard road. Getting sober is taxing and life doesn’t stop just because I’ve decided to live differently.