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What does Kilroy mean at the end of Mr. Roboto?

What does Kilroy mean at the end of Mr. Roboto?

Kilroy Was Here is a concept album that is a commentary on censorship. “Kilroy” is the main character of the album, a famous rock star who is sent to prison by a group called The Majority For Musical Morality.

Why does Styx not play Mr. Roboto?

But why has Styx been so reluctant to play “Mr. Roboto” in particular? In an interview with AZ Central, guitarist James “J.Y.” Young reveals the answer: He always disliked the “soft, sappy side” of Styx, which just happened to be the specialty of DeYoung, who he views as something of a competitor.

When did Domo arigato Mr. Roboto come out?

2002Domo Arigato Mr Robot / Released

Who wrote the song Mr. Roboto?

Dennis DeYoungMr. Roboto / LyricistDennis DeYoung is an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is a founding member of the rock band Tradewinds, which became TW4, which became Styx as primary lead vocalist and keyboardist, a tenure that lasted from 1972 until June 1999. Wikipedia

Why does Styx say Kilroy?

Kilroy Was Here is the eleventh studio album by the American rock band Styx, released on February 22, 1983. A concept album and rock opera about a world where rock music is outlawed, it is named after a famous World War II graffiti tag “Kilroy was here”.

What did Kilroy mean?

: an inveterate traveler like the roamers Kilroy and Ulysses— Peter Viereck especially : a transient soldier of all the Kilroys of history who have passed through here …

What does Domo mean in Japanese?

DOMO means “very”. It’s especially helpful when stressing appreciation or making an apology. When you buy something at a store, store clerk would say “DOMO ARIGATOU”, meaning thank you “very much”. You can also use DOMO as a greeting like “hello”. And just saying DOMO can mean a casual way of “thank you” like thanks.

Why does Styx not play babe in concert?

“We don’t play ‘Babe’ because that’s kind of Dennis DeYoung’s ode to his wife,” Young said. “And that song was a little too Barry Manilow for my tastes.”

Did Mr Roboto break up with Styx?

Roboto” and the band’s Kilroy Was Here album famously divided the group creatively, leading to its 1983 breakup. Styx reunited in the mid-’90s, but DeYoung says the real damage was done when Styx fired him in 1999.