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What does Kep Track mean?

What does Kep Track mean?

The Kep Track (Kep meaning Water in Noongar) was conceived as part of the 1988 Heritage Trail initiative and has remained intact over the years to become a fantastic day trip for cyclists (or a multi-day walk for very keen hikers).

Where is Kep Track?

The multi-use Kep Track uses the rail formation between Mundaring in the Perth Hills, to Northam, east of Perth. The trail can take anywhere from a one to two hour walk, a bush outing for you and your horse, or a cycle adventure of several days.

How long is the Kep Track?

Kep Track is a 75km, grade 2 hike located in the Mundaring to Northam, Western Australia. The hike should take around 5 days to complete.

Where does the kep track start?

Mundaring Weir
The Kep Track is a bicycle, walking and horse track in the Darling Range and further east in Western Australia. It commences at Mundaring Weir and proceeds through Chidlow, Wooroloo, Wundowie, Bakers Hill and Clackline to Northam, for approximately 75 kilometres (47 mi).

Is Mundaring Weir dog friendly?

Kicking off from the corner of Firewood and Mundaring Weir roads (dogs can’t go within three kilometres of Mundaring Weir), head east towards Northam and hike as far as your dog’s little legs can handle.

Can you kayak in Mundaring Weir?

This recreational lake is a must-visit for adventure seekers, with canoeing, swimming, cycling and walking trails on offer.

Can dogs go to Serpentine Falls?

Please do not feed any native animals or birds. Dogs are not permitted in the park. Picking wildflowers is prohibited. Leave the natural area as you find it, for all to enjoy.

When was the last time the Mundaring Weir overflowed?

Work commenced to raise the dam in the late 1940s, and was completed in November 1951. In the early 1970s the downstream dam from the weir—the Lower Helena Pumpback Dam—was constructed. It last overflowed into the Helena Valley in 1996.

Can you take your own kayak to Lake Leschenaultia?

Lake Leschenaultia Canoe Hire Rent a canoe and explore the lake from the water – or bring your own rubber dinghy or stand up paddleboard.

Can u swim in Serpentine Dam?

You can enjoy a picnic, swim, take a walk on one of the trails and enjoy the local wildlife, including friendly kangaroos.

How much does it cost to get into Serpentine Falls?

$9 per car
Get in[edit] The Serpentine Falls National Park is open from 8.30am to 5pm daily with an entry fee of $9 per car (though if you park your car by the picnic grounds, you will avoid this fee.)

Who owns Mundaring Weir?

Jens Jorgensen
After a period of decline followed the closure of the branch railway in the early 1950s, as well as the gradual reduction of staff and employees of the weir, and gradual reduction in forestry operations over time. The current owner, Jens Jorgensen who bought it in 1984.