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What does Janjaweed mean in English?

What does Janjaweed mean in English?

mounted gunman
The Janjaweed (Arabic: جنجويد, romanized: Janjawīd; also transliterated Janjawid) (English: mounted gunman) are a militia group that operate in western Sudan and eastern Chad.

What religion are the Janjaweed?

The Janjaweed militias, Muslim like the African groups they attack, have destroyed mosques, killed Muslim religious leaders, and desecrated Qorans belonging to their enemies.

Who are the Janjaweed and what did they do?

A typical Janjaweed raid would open with an attack by the Sudanese air force, with helicopter gunships or Antonov bombers targeting civilian settlements. Within hours, mounted Janjaweed would sweep into the area, killing and mutilating the men, raping the women, and killing or kidnapping the children.

What weapons did the Janjaweed use?

Perched on pick-up trucks adorned with machine guns and baskets of rocket-propelled grenades, the notorious Rapid Support Forces (RSF) were an unsettling sight for Khartoum when they began fanning out across the Sudanese capital earlier this year.

Who makes up the Janjaweed?

The term Janjaweed refers to the armed groups of the Arabs of Darfur and Kordofan in western Sudan. They call themselves fursan (horsemen). Darfur, located in western Sudan, is a vast plain about the size of the US state of Texas.

Who funds the Janjaweed?

The central government in Khartoum has paid three million US dollars in return for the withdrawal of the government-backed militia elements, known as Janjaweed, from North Kordofan and dismantling their blockade on El Obeid. Their militias will regroup in Nyala, South Darfur.

Who is the leader of Janjaweed?

Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman is charged with overseeing thousands of pro-government Janjaweed fighters during the peak of fightingfrom 2003-2004 and being responsible for atrocities including murder, rape, pillaging and torture.

How many died in Sudan civil war?

two million people
Roughly two million people died as a result of war, famine and disease caused by the conflict. Four million people in southern Sudan were displaced at least once (and normally repeatedly) during the war.

Are Janjaweed the official army of the Sudan?

As for the army, it has carried out military operations together with the Janjaweed. For example, during Janjaweed attacks in Darfur the National Armed Forces provided air as well as ground support. When the Rapid Support Forces were created, they were formally recognised as part of the national regular forces.

Where is Musa Hilal now?

* Musa Hilal was held, together with a number of his relatives and followers, in a raid on his stronghold in Misteriya, North Darfur, in November 2017, after he refused to respond to the government’s disarmament campaign. He was immediately transferred to a prison in Khartoum.

Who won the Sudan war?

It lasted for 22 years and is one of the longest civil wars on record. The war resulted in the independence of South Sudan six years after the war ended. Guerrilla forces of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army celebrate over a disabled tank.