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What does it mean to be an asset to someone?

What does it mean to be an asset to someone?

Something or someone that is an asset is considered useful or helps a person or organization to be successful.

What does being an asset to a company mean?

Being an asset at work is all about making sure that your performance and skills are valuable to the company. Be responsible at work by always making sure you complete tasks by the deadline and to a high standard.

What is a good sentence for asset?

Asset sentence example. You’re a vital asset and the director knows it. These constitute the main asset of the government. The Old Testament was an immense religious asset to the early church.

Is it an asset to or an asset for?

The difference her is: “My skills will be an asset to…” implies that the skills will come ‘to’ the company, and do work there. This would be the more common use. “My skills will be an asset for…” implies that the company will be able to put the skills to use somewhere.

Can you call a person an asset?

A human being or a person cannot be considered an asset like tangible fixed assets such as equipment, because people cannot be owned, controlled or measured for future economic benefits in money terms, unlike physical assets.

What does asset mean in slang?

(slang, usually in the plural) A woman’s breasts or buttocks or a man’s genitalia.

How will you be an asset to the team?

Self-Motivated: Taking the initiative to do something that needs to be done without being asked to do it. Working beyond the call of duty in order to meet goals or solve problems. Supervisors take notice of employees who are productive and anticipate problems ahead of time and bring solutions to the table.

How will you be an asset to this organization?

According to me, an honest and hardworking employee is an asset to any organization. If I will work hard automatically am asset to our organization. I am going to give my 100 % and with the experiences that I have I am confident enough that I can have an immediate impact on your company.

How do you use assert in a sentence?

Examples of assert in a Sentence He asserted that there were spies in the government. She asserted her independence from her parents by getting her own apartment. The boss was reluctant to assert his authority over his employees.

What are examples of assets?

Examples of Assets

  • Cash and cash equivalents.
  • Accounts receivable (AR)
  • Marketable securities.
  • Trademarks.
  • Patents.
  • Product designs.
  • Distribution rights.
  • Buildings.

Why would I be a good asset to a company?

Consider the ways you can contribute value to a company beyond your skill set, especially if you have no work history. Think of the unique perspective you bring, your attitude and enthusiasm, your work ethic and your collaboration skills.

How do you say asset to a team?

How to answer, “How would you be an asset to this company?”

  1. Research the company’s mission and values.
  2. Read the job description.
  3. Review your relevant experience.
  4. Consider the company culture.
  5. Quantify your achievements.
  6. Example 1: Marketing strategist.
  7. Example 2: Back office specialist.
  8. Example 3: Project manager.