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What does encroach meaning?

What does encroach meaning?

Definition of encroach intransitive verb. 1 : to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another. 2 : to advance beyond the usual or proper limits the gradually encroaching sea.

What does encroach upon mean?

‚Äč[intransitive] encroach (on/upon something) (disapproving) to begin to affect or use up too much of somebody’s time, rights, personal life, etc. I won’t encroach on your time any longer. He never allows work to encroach upon his family life. Gradually the negative feelings encroached into her work.

How do you use encroach in a sentence?

Encroach sentence example

  1. The marshes encroach most upon the parishes of St Charles, Orleans and Plaquemines.
  2. He took in everything, noting the enemies had begun to encroach upon the neutral territory agreed upon in the cease-fire.

What type of word is encroach?

encroach used as a verb: to intrude unrightfully on someone else’s rights or territory. to advance gradually beyond due limits.

What is the synonym of encroach?

Some common synonyms of encroach are infringe, invade, and trespass. While all these words mean “to make inroads upon the property, territory, or rights of another,” encroach suggests gradual or stealthy entrance upon another’s territory or usurpation of another’s rights or possessions.

What does encroaching mean in history?

to advance beyond proper, established, or usual limits; make gradual inroads: A dictatorship of the majority is encroaching on the rights of the individual. to trespass upon the property, domain, or rights of another, especially stealthily or by gradual advances.

What is the opposite of encroach?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for encroachment. respecting, upholding.

How do you use encroached?

Encroached sentence example

  1. In modern times state activity has encroached on the cities.
  2. Since that time the whites have steadily encroached on the reservations.
  3. The sea encroached far on the land from the Great Australian Bight and there formed the limestones of the Nullarbor Plains.

What is the antonyms of encroach?

What is the opposite of encroach?

aid assist
help retreat
withdraw yield
leave alone behave
obey keep off

What is another word for encroached?

What are some antonyms for the word encroach?

antonyms for encroach

  • give.
  • ignore.
  • keep off.

What is the opposite of encroachment?