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What does EMIS stand for?

What does EMIS stand for?


Who uses EMIS?

EMIS Group software is used by NHS trusts in a wide range of secondary care settings. Our systems are mainly used to manage hospital pharmacy and prescribing, emergency care and electronic patient records (including patient administration systems).

How can I buy EMIS website at home?

1. Install VPN software – EMIS Web only works over a secure encrypted N3/HSCN connection. You will need to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application and have a username and password to your local NHS (N3/HSCN) network in order to run EMIS Web. “Cisco VPN client” is the most common application to do this.

How can I login to EMIS?

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  1. Navigate to the EMIS Now login screen.
  2. Select Create your EMIS Now account.
  3. Enter your contact details and organisation (CDB) number.
  4. Tick the box confirming that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Tick the I am not a robot authentication box.
  6. Click Submit.

How old is EMIS?

EMIS Group began in March 1987 as Egton Medical Information Systems by Dr Peter Sowerby and Dr David Stables, both GPs in Egton, North Yorkshire, and Tony Jones.

Where is EMIS based?

The company is based in Leeds. It claims that more than half of GP practices across the UK use EMIS Health software and holds number one or two market positions in its main markets.

What is EMIS online?

EMIS Web for clinical services EMIS Web is a market-leading clinical IT system that can support healthcare team across all settings, whether you’re running individual services and clinics or enterprise-wide deployments.

What is EMIS company?

EMIS’ company database is augmented by powerful selection and screening tools that allow users to find specific companies or a range of companies that match specific profile criteria. Search and selection is possible through a wide range of variables.

What is EMIS Web system?

EMIS Web allows primary, secondary and community healthcare practitioners to view and contribute to a patient’s electronic healthcare record.

Can you download EMIS?

We developed native apps for iOS, Android and Windows® 11 devices, providing a familiar and easy-to-use interface as you can choose to download the app to any compatible device.

How can I download EMIS software?

To install EMIS Web yourself on your device these are the steps you need to first check on your PC. Alternatively, contact Egton (0845 125 5530) – you will need your organisation CDB number. When you run the installer, enter your EMIS Organisation ID eg 1234 and then leave the rest of the settings as is.

Who founded EMIS?