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What does elongated toilet seat mean?

What does elongated toilet seat mean?

Toilet seats are sold by shape (not by length). If the length is between 18-19.5 inches, you have an elongated toilet bowl seat. If the length is between 17-17.75 inches, you have a round toilet bowl seat. Notice also that the elongated bowl is shaped more like an oval (egg-shaped).

What is a raised toilet seat?

A raised toilet seat is a device that’s used in place of, or underneath, a regular toilet seat. Also called an elevated toilet seat, a raised toilet seat is intended to provide extra height, so you don’t have to squat low.

What is the best raised toilet seat for hip replacement?

Hip Replacement Toilet Seats / Best Toilet Seats After Hip Surgery

  • Carex Economy Raised Toilet Seat 5″ $25.98.
  • Tilt Toilet Seat Lift Single Motor.
  • Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles.
  • Standard Hinged Toilet Seat Riser 3-1/2″
  • Velcro Toilet Seat Cushion.
  • Toilet Seat Elevator.
  • E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat.
  • Padded Toilet Seat Riser.

Can you use an elongated toilet seat on a regular toilet?

An elongated bidet seat will still mount on a round toilet, as well as function just fine, but the aesthetics and comfort of the seat will be greatly diminished.

What is a comfort height toilet?

Comfort height toilets (or “right height” toilets) have higher seats than traditional toilets, usually between 17 inches and 19 inches. Comfort height toilets are becoming a popular option for many households.

Why would someone need a raised toilet seat?

Raised toilet seats are designed to reduce the distance that a person has to move when they need to sit down on the toilet. By elevating the toilet seat by a few inches, it can make a considerable difference for elderly people who find it difficult to sit and stand from the toilet.

What are the benefits of a raised toilet seat?

7 benefits of a high toilet seat for the elderly

  • High toilets have stability. You may choose to opt for a high toilet seat with or without grab rails.
  • They are safe.
  • They provide relief.
  • High toilets are easy to fit.
  • Reduced impact on joints.
  • Better carer safety.
  • Increased confidence.

Does Medicare pay for a raised toilet seat?

Medicare generally considers toilet safety equipment such as risers, elevated toilet seats and safety frames to be personal convenience items and does not cover them. Medicare Advantage may offer some coverage if your plan includes supplemental OTC benefits.

Who Should Use a raised toilet seat?

An elongated raised toilet seat has a contoured oval design, extending out several inches in front from the bowl to provide extra comfort and support. This extended design is suitable for users weighing up to 300 pounds.

Can you sit on toilet after hip surgery?

After hip replacement surgery, you will need a raised toilet seat on your toilet at home. This is to make sure that your knees are not higher than your hips when sitting.

Why would I want an elongated toilet bowl?

Elongated bowls are also considered more ‘hygienic’ in that the larger surface area of the bowl makes is easier for men and children to use with less mess. The longer bowl size is also a requirement for ADA use, and the longer/wider bowl is generally easier to use for those with mobility issues.