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What does Diana marua do for a living?

What does Diana marua do for a living?

Before joining the music industry, Diana Marua has been a content creator. She has a youtube channel with over 500K subscribers. Bahati once used her as his video vixen for his song “Mapenzi”. Diana has a lot of friends and enemies at the same time.

How old is Diana marua Bahati’s wife?

The husband of Diana Marua, Bahati (Kevin Mbuvi) was born in 1994 and is six years younger than Diana who is 30 years old.

How old is Kevin Bahati?

About 28 years (1994)Bahati / Age

Who is the wife of Bahati?

wife Diana Marua
Bahati presented Diana’s dream car at the Windsor Golf club on Saturday.

What is the age difference between Diana and Bahati?

Diana is 6 years older than Bahati and some people thought the huge age difference was ‘very unpleasant’. Bahati’s wife finally addressed the age difference during an interview with Pulse.

How old is Guardian Angel’s wife?

Guardian Angel Wife Age and Age Difference. Guardian Angel’s partner Esthe Musila is 50 years old as of 2020 while Guardian angel is 31 years old as of 2020 thus making their age difference a total of 19 years. Esther also has grown children of her own whereas her last born child is 22 years old.

Which estate does Bahati live?

A spot check shows that the four-bedroom maisonette was up for sale at Sh27. 5 million and it appears that the Bahatis are the new owners. A tour of the house hosted by YouTuber Lilian Kahoi in May 2021 showed that the house is located at Kamakis along the Eastern Bypass.

Who is Mama mueni to Bahati?

Before taking responsibility for them, Bahati sought to establish that she was his daughter. They performed a DNA test whose results proved Mueni was his blood. This marked the change in the relationship between Yvette and Bahati to a cordial one.

How rich is Kevin Bahati?

Bahati (Net Worth: $15 million) His career has earned him lots of top awards in the Kenyan music industry. He is second on this list of the richest musicians in Kenya.

Who is Yvette Obura?

Yvette Obura. Kenyan singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, has found herself a new man five years after splitting with the singer.

Is Bahati a billionaire?

Is Esther Musila and Guardian Angel married?

The couple was the talk of town when they officially married two months ago, despite their age differences. Musila is 51 while her musician husband is 32. She has maintained that she lives her life fully, despite many questioning their age difference.