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What does Bay Rum scent smell like?

What does Bay Rum scent smell like?

What Is the Bay Rum Scent? The Bay Rum scent is a light aroma of exotic Caribbean spices, Jamaican rum and West Indies bay leaf. It is distinctly sweet and spicy with notes of wood, though it is never overpowering.

What is Bay Rum used for?

Bay rum is a type of cologne and aftershave lotion. Other uses include as under-arm deodorant and as a fragrance for shaving soap, as well as a general astringent.

Does Bay Rum smell like Old Spice?

Put simply, they just don’t smell the same. For those with a discerning nose, the formulation of Old Spice is very different from Bay Rum.

What is Jamaican Bay Rum?

Product of Jamaica. Traditionally used as a soothing aftershave lotion. Used by Jamaicans for feverish conditions.

Is Bay Rum a manly scent?

Gentlemen swear by it. St Johns Bay Rum® is a spicy, warm, rich and distinctively masculine fragrance that’s a classic for every generation.

Is Bay Rum A Good scent?

Bay rum is the perfect summertime scent but if you are addicted to scent that steeped in history, it’s a great fragrance to sport year round. The history of bay rum is as manly as it smells.

Does Bayrum thicken hair?

In addition, bay rum thickens hair. And it smells great:) * Don’t worry if your shampoo has become a little ” liquidy” due to the small amount of placenta in it; it still works. Before using your shampoo and conditioner, be sure to shake them well.

What scent goes with bay rum?

West Indian Lime for a Combination of The Best Bay Rum and a Splash of Caribbean Citrus. For the men out there looking for a masculine rum cologne that offers a splash of something new, the West Indian Lime is one of the most complimented colognes for men.

What does Bay Rum smell like Dr Squatch?

A revitalizing blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, crisp pine, and zesty orange will whisk you away to a place of total serenity. When you emerge from the shower moisturized and wonderfully scented, don’t be disappointed that you’re stepping onto a bath mat and not a white-sand beach.

Is Bay Rum attractive?

Bay rum is delicious, seductive, masculine, and available from many retailers at quite a reasonable price. Nonetheless, I took a stab at synthesizing online formulae for making one’s own by soaking West Indian bay leaves and sundry spices in rum.

Can I use bay rum on my face?

Can Bay Rum Be Used For Face? Bay Rum is naturally astringent, making it ideal for use as an aftershave or a facial toner before moisturizing, as well as an all-over skin tonic or massage lotion.

How do you use Bayrum for hair growth?

Fill up the empty bergamot bottle ampule with bay rum and pour it into the placenta bottle. Shake well before spraying onto your scalp every evening and massage a little. You leave this on, don’t rinse off.