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What does B&S ball stand for?

What does B&S ball stand for?

Bachelor and Spinsters Balls
Bachelor and Spinsters Balls (B&S) events are hosted regularly in rural Australia, known locally as “B & S Balls” or simply “B&S’s”.

What is a BnS party?

These days, it’s a chance for like-minded people, often having travelled hundreds of kilometres, to get together, set up camp and party for a weekend in a relaxed atmosphere. And B&S can stand for blokes and sheilas, or beers and sex, whichever takes your fancy. So Urban Dictionary is sort of on the money.

What is BnS ute?

A solid “BnS Ute” (short for Bachelor and Spinster) or “Feral Ute” design begins with a classic Australian V8 (Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon), modified with 5-post bullbars, radio aerials, stickers and flags.

What do girls wear to a BnS ball?

Ladies: You’ve got options – a dress, a skirt and shirt, or shirt and black pants. Most opt for a dress with a white shirt over the top.

Do they still have B&S balls?

There used to be hundreds of ‘uniquely Australian’ B&S balls across the country, but they’re vanishing. Here’s why. Once a must-do event for rural singles, the country Bachelors and Spinsters ball is succumbing to a slow death with fewer than 20 on the calendar each year.

What is bachelor and spinster?

A confirmed bachelor (= a person who intended never to marry, often used in newspapers to refer to a homosexual man). A bachelor flat (= one suitable for a person living alone). For the word spinster, the Oxford Student’s Dictionary (Ruse 1988: 608) suggests: Spinster: 1)An unmarried woman, esp an older woman.

What is Abns ball?

Inside the B&S ball: A uniquely Australian tradition which gave single men and women from the countryside a way to meet before Tinder – with black-tie dinner dances replaced by riotous festivals.

How many Pokeballs are there?

There are many types of the Poké Ball, such as the Great Ball or Ultra Ball. The term can be used to describe the basic style of ball, or for the entire group. As of the Seventh Pokémon generation, there are a total of 27 Poké Balls.

How old is a spinster?

The word spinster was used to refer to single women between the ages of 23-26, while thornback is reserved for those 26 and above, writer Sophia Benoit discovered. The word is also detailed on the (of course, highly official) Urban Dictionary which describes it as: ‘An old, single, never-married woman.

Is spinster a legal term?

Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. SPINSTER. An addition given, in legal writings, to a woman who never was married.

What does SS stand for Commodore?

Super Sport
The SS (Super Sport) name for the Holden Commodore rebadged as a Chevrolet has been condemned by a Hebrew newspaper as having a Nazi reference — and threatened with being banned from entry.