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What does Alpha Mike Foxtrot mean in the A-team?

What does Alpha Mike Foxtrot mean in the A-team?

What does “alpha mike foxtrot” mean? Alpha Mike Foxtrot, AMF, is shorthand for “Adios Mother *bleep*”.

Will there be a-team 2?

While the first movie was intended to kick off a franchise, The A-Team 2 didn’t move ahead. Here’s why the sequel ended up getting canceled. While the original was poised to launch a new franchise, here’s why they didn’t make another A-Team movie.

What tank is in the A-team?

The “Buford” tank which is on-board the C-130 the A-Team hijacks, was a real tank which the United States Army did evaluate in the mid 1990s.

Will there be an A-team reboot?

Cancelled sequel This was confirmed by Liam Neeson in a webchat.

What does Hotel Sierra mean?

Sierra Hotel or sometimes Hotel Sierra. Meaning s***-hot, or its opposite. When that new lieutenant makes it through his first field training exercise without getting his platoon lost, you’ve got a sierra hotel lieutenant.

What does I’m Oscar Mike mean?

On the Move
Oscar Mike is military lingo for “On the Move” and was specifically chosen to represent the spirit of its founder and the Veterans he serves.

Did The A-Team cast get along?

According to the remaining cast members, Mr. T and George Peppard did not get along. Peppard was a “proper movie actor,” but Mr. T became the real star of the show.

Who was the original a-team?

The A-Team
Created by Frank Lupo Stephen J. Cannell
Starring George Peppard Tim Dunigan (series Pilot) Dirk Benedict Dwight Schultz Mr. T Melinda Culea (Season 1–2) Marla Heasley (Season 2–3) Eddie Velez (Season 5) Robert Vaughn (Season 5)
Narrated by John Ashley
Theme music composer Mike Post Pete Carpenter

What does BA Baracus mean?

Bad Attitude
Sergeant Bosco Albert “B.A.” (Bad Attitude) Baracus /bəˈrækəs/, played by Mr. T, is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of the 1980s action-adventure television series The A-Team.

Is it possible to fly a tank?

The only aircraft the U.S. Armed Forces has that can carry an M1 tank is the C5 Galaxy and. The C5’s service ceiling is 35,700 ft at 279,000 kg gross weight (that is, 5.6 times too low).

Why didn’t Mr. T do The A-Team?

He said it wasn’t about money, because he turned down the chance to appear in the film before that was even discussed. He said it just wouldn’t be right for him to be in it.

What is a Bravo Juliet?

Foxtrot Juliet Bravo Meaning “Foxtrot,” “Juliet,” and “Bravo” are all distinct terms and part of the military phonetic alphabet. The military uses this phonetic alphabet system to make sure that all forms of communication are error-free. It also helps shorten messages over communication devices like the radio.