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What does afoul mean in English?

What does afoul mean in English?

fouled, tangled
Definition of afoul : fouled, tangled a ship with its sails afoul.

Is it fall foul or fall afoul?

fall (a)foul of (someone or something) 1. To become disliked or to come in conflict with someone or something due to one’s actions, often resulting in further trouble or conflict. Since you’re new here, be careful not to fall afoul of Bill—he’ll keep you off of every case if he’s mad at you.

What is another word for afoul?

What is another word for afoul?

amiss incorrectly
wrongly erroneously
mistakenly inaccurately
inappropriately faultily
unsuitably improperly

How do you use afoul in a sentence?

run / come / fall afoul of,

  1. to become entangled with: The boat ran afoul of the seaweed.
  2. to come into conflict with: The business had fallen afoul of the new government regulations.

Where does the term draconian come from?

Draconian comes from Draco, the name of a 7th-century B.C. Athenian legislator who created a written code of law. Draco’s code was intended to clarify existing laws, but its severity is what made it really memorable.

What does having a foot of clay mean?

noun. a weakness or hidden flaw in the character of a greatly admired or respected person:He was disillusioned to find that even Lincoln had feet of clay. any unexpected or critical fault.

What is the idiom of foul play?

Unfair or treacherous action, especially involving violence. For example, The police suspected he had met with foul play. This term originally was and still is applied to unfair conduct in a sport or game and was being used figuratively by the late 1500s.

What can you contravene?

To contravene means to go against or defy. You might contravene your parents’ ban on sweets when your friend offers to share her candy because chocolate tastes too good to resist! If you contravene something in practice, you act in direct violation of a particular law or rule.

Is Afowl a word?

To be in severe disagreement, trouble, or difficulty with someone or something; to be at odds with someone or something, especially due to disobeying rules or laws. Always look into the laws of any place you visit, or you may end up unwittingly running afoul of the local police. Ms.

Is afoul a Scrabble word?

AFOUL is a valid scrabble word.

What is an example of draconian?

The definition of draconian is laws or punishments that are extremely severe or cruel. When someone is put to death for stealing $1, this is an example of a draconian punishment.

What is a draconian society?

Use the word Draconian (or lowercase draconian) to describe laws or rules that are really harsh and repressive. In ancient Athens, Draco was a guy who made some seriously strict laws. So rules that are too restrictive — or just plain unfair — are called Draconian.

What does it mean to fall afoul of someone?

fall (a)foul of (someone or something) (redirected from fall afoul of) fall (a)foul of (someone or something) 1. To become disliked or to come in conflict with someone or something due to one’s actions, often resulting in further trouble or conflict.

What is the meaning of afoul?

in a state of collision or entanglement: a ship with its shrouds afoul. ARE YOU A TRUE BLUE CHAMPION OF THESE “BLUE” SYNONYMS?

What is the meaning of fall foul of?

fall foul of ˈsb/ˈsth do something which gets you into trouble with somebody/something: They fell foul of the law by not paying their taxes.♢ Try not to fall foul of Mr. Jones. He can be very unpleasant. See also: fall, foul, of, Sb, sth

What does it mean to run afoul of something?

Idioms run/come/fall afoul of, (often foll by of) in or into an entanglement or collision (with) (often in the phrase run afoul of)a yacht with its sails afoul; the boat ran afoul of a steamer