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What does a county clerk do in NY?

What does a county clerk do in NY?

As an elected official, the county clerk serves as a state constitutional officer when officiating in the capacity as clerk to State Supreme Court and County Court. That position carries the responsibility for custodial care of the official civil and criminal records of those courts which are on file in this office.

How do I contact the New York County clerk?

Manhattan County Clerk Office

  1. Agency: New York Courts.
  2. Division: Manhattan County Clerk.
  3. Phone Number: (646) 386-5955.
  4. Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM.

Who are the NY State Supreme Court justices?

Egan Jr.

  • Justice Michael C. Lynch.
  • Justice Christine M. Clark.
  • Justice Sharon A.M. Aarons.
  • Justice Stan L. Pritzker.
  • Justice Molly Reynolds Fitzgerald.
  • Justice John P. Colangelo.
  • Justice Andrew G. Ceresia.
  • Justice Lisa M. Fisher.

Is the New York County clerk open Covid?

The New York County Clerk is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM-1:00PM and 2:00PM-5:00PM. The last transactions are processed at 12:30PM and 4:15PM.

What does a court clerk do?

Organize and archive all court documentation, employee records, and legal documents. Review case files and provide information to judges, attorneys, and citizens. Supervise trial activities and jury management, including training and evaluating other clerks.

What does a clerk do?

A Clerk, or Bookkeeper, is responsible for performing administrative tasks to support daily business operations. Their duties include responding to phone calls or emails, maintaining an organized filing system and restocking office supplies as needed.

Is the New York Supreme Court open?

The Supreme Court Building is open to the public Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It is closed on weekends and all federal holidays. In addition to the Courtroom, portions of the first and ground floors of the Supreme Court Building are open to the public.

What is a county clerk office?

A county clerk is a public official responsible for maintaining records for a county. The county clerk’s responsibilities may include handling marriage licenses and deeds, collecting campaign finance information from local candidates, and administering elections.

How much do New York Supreme Court judges make?

Justices are elected in each of 12 Judicial Districts. While approximately 60 Justices are designated for service on the Appellate Divisions and Appellate Terms, some 280 Justices preside over trial courts, and each receives an annual salary of $136,700.

How many NYS Supreme Courts are there?

62 courts
The Supreme Court of the State of New York includes 62 courts—one supreme court for each county. These courts are the highest trial courts in New York State, and are of general jurisdiction. The New York Supreme Courts are not New York’s courts of last resort. The Court of Appeals is the highest court in New York.

How do I become a court clerk in NY?


  1. Must be in a court system competitive title to take the Court Clerk/Senior Court Clerk promotional exam.
  2. Must have two years of permanent service in any competitive title in the court system to be appointed as a Court Clerk/Senior Court Clerk.

What qualifications do you need to be a court clerk?

Some courts require only a high school diploma for an entry-level court clerk position, but others require an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in business management, criminal justice, or a similar degree. Federal courts tend to require law degrees or master’s degrees.