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What do you mix with arrack?

What do you mix with arrack?

Ceylon Arrack is an excellent base for a number of classic cocktails, best mixed with soft, wine-based spirits, with syrups and with natural fruits. It is beautifully paired with citrus fruits such as lemon, lime or orange; and with ingredients as diverse as chocolate, coffee, ginger, almond and coconut.

How do you drink Sri Lankan arrack?

Just pour 50ml of Ceylon Arrack straight into the cracked coconut, without spilling the coconut water, add a wedge of lime and sip on the delicious mixture through a straw. Another great alternative is to make ice cubes with coconut water and put them in a rocks glass, before pouring Ceylon Arrack over them.

What is the most popular drink in Sri Lanka?

Arrack i.e. local coconut whiskey is the cheapest and – unsurprisingly – the most popular spirit in Sri Lanka. It is made of distilled toddy or fermented sap of the coconut flower. Some people find it to be similar in taste to rum or brandy.

What mixes well with white arrack?

Combine mint leaves, mango slices, ginger and lime juice in a glass and muddle them before adding the arrack and crushed ice. Top up your drink with ginger ale and a mint sprig as a garnish! Tea lovers will enjoy this cocktail!

How do you drink arak?

Arak has high alcohol content and is best served ice cold with a 1/3 to 2/3 Arak/water mix and prepared by pouring first the Arak, then the water, followed by the ice and always in a fresh glass. it is not only what the drink is served with so much as it is how it is served.

What does Sri Lankan arrack taste like?

It’s served in some of London’s most fashionable restaurants, like Dishoom and Hoppers. And the late food and travel writer Anthony Bourdain described it as tasting like “a marriage of bourbon and rum, but with a stronger, burning kick and a mysterious bouquet”.

Is Arrack a Whisky?

Arrack is therefore one of the few/rare spirits in the world which is a distillate of a 100% natural fermentation. Unlike ‘whisky’, Arrack is distilled at approx high strength. The purity of the drink is evident in the smooth finish when sipping Ceylon Arrack neat.

What is Sri Lanka’s national drink?

Tē (tea): The national drink, said to be among the best in the world. Toddy: Mildly alcoholic fermented drink that is tapped from palm trees – often illegally – and drunk across Sri Lanka.

What alcohol do they drink in Sri Lanka?

Even though toddy is the most traditional alcoholic drink in Sri Lanka, the most popular liquor is arrack. It is distilled from toddy / palm syrup and has a much higher percentage of alcohol (30% – 40%). DCSL Extra Special and Old Reserve are the most popular arrack brands in Sri Lanka.

What does Sri Lankan Arrack taste like?

What is Sri Lankan Arrack?

Ceylon Arrack is a traditional Sri Lankan spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower, which can only be collected by hand, and aged in Sri Lankan oak casks. The revival of lost cocktail ingredients continues apace.

What is a good mixer for arak?

A ubiquitous summertime drink in Israel, this rosy sipper combines arak with pink grapefruit juice, chamomile simple syrup and mint. It’s a refreshing way to sample the spirit.

What are the best Sri Lankan cocktails?

In Sinhala, Aliya means Elephant. The Aliya cocktail is a classic, as ancient as the old kings of Sri Lanka. The main mixer in this cocktail is fresh coconut water or coconut water cubes. If you aren’t into coconut water you can replace it with a classic ginger ale. The Kandy Arrack cocktail is perfect as an after dinner drink.

What is Sri Lankan arrack?

An ancient spirit mentioned even by Marco Polo, Sri Lankan arrack has been a local favourite for centuries. In recent years, makers such as Ceylon Arrack are trying to elevate the local spirit’s appeal to international levels.

How do you drink Ceylon Arrack?

Mix up the mint, sugar, mango slices, ginger and lime juice at the bottom of a large glass. Add crushed ice to the top, and pour the Ceylon Arrack and mango pulp into the glass. Mix well with a bar spoon. Add crushed ice and top up with ginger ale. Garnish with strands of ginger and a sprig of mint.

What is Ceylon Arrack rum?

In recent years, makers such as Ceylon Arrack are trying to elevate the local spirit’s appeal to international levels. Distilled from the sap of the coconut flower, arrack is best described as a fragrant dark coconut rum and makes a delicious addition to contemporary yet classic cocktails, like these concoctions from Ceylon Arrack.