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What do you get with Compare the Meerkat?

What do you get with Compare the Meerkat?

When you compare and buy a qualifying product, you can enjoy Meerkat Movies. This means you’ll be able to get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday – all year long.

Is Compare the Market Meerkat?

Compare the Meerkat is an advertising campaign on British and Australian commercial television for, a price comparison website, part of BGL Group. The adverts feature Aleksandr Orlov, a CGI anthropomorphic Russian meerkat and his family and friends.

Does it cost to use Compare the Market?

The service is free to use and the fee we receive does not affect the way we rank the products. We always order results from lowest to highest price for you. Simples.

Do Compare the Market still do meerkats?

The price comparison website has had success offering free meerkat mascots to new customers as a means of driving footfall and retention, but after seven years it is retiring the scheme.

Where can I use Meerkat Meals 2021?

The following are restaurant chains that offer Meerkat Meals.

  • Strada.
  • Prezzo.
  • Homemade Burger Company.
  • La Tasca.
  • Frankie & Bennies.
  • Giraffe.
  • Coast to Coast.
  • Chiquito.

Are Alexander and Sergei a couple?

The most startling change in TV canon tonight was the news that Alexander and Sergei the meerkats are now a gay couple with an adopted baby.

Is meerkat a Russian company?

A CompareTheMarket spokesperson said: “The CompareTheMarket meerkats are fictional characters. They have no association with Russia and the current situation.

Has compare the meerkat been Cancelled?

Compare The Market has announced it will no longer be airing its TV ads around news broadcasts, amid the escalating situation in Ukraine. Since 2009, the insurance comparison site has used the ad campaign Compare The Meerkat, featuring two Russian meerkat characters named Aleksandr and Sergei.

How do I claim my meerkat?

Step 1. Download the Meerkat Movies app or visit Set up or log in to your account to activate your membership and claim your voucher code. Get your voucher code – you have one voucher code to use every Tuesday or Wednesday at any ODEON cinema.

Is Compare the Market Russian?

Where can I use meerkat Meals 2021?

Can you use Meerkat Meals at Toby Carvery?

Meerkat Meals members can now enjoy 25%* off the entire bill, Monday – Wednesday at Toby Carvery, Harvester and more.

What is compare the meerkat?

“Simples!” Compare The Meerkat.Com is a series of adverts and a website designed as nothing more than Viral Marketing for an insurance website (

What are meerkat rewards?

What are rewards? We like to rewards our customer for taking out a qualifying product through us! Find your nearest participating restaurants and cinemas, see how many friends you can take and discover what films are on with the Meerkat app. The Meerkat app is the only way to enjoy both of your amazing rewards.

Where can I buy meerkats in Russia?

Yakov – a toy maker. Meerkovo is an online meerkat village you are able to explore. Visitors can take a look inside Aleksandr’s Mansion, The Care Home for retired meerkats, the Meerkovo School, Yakov’s Toy Shop and the local pub; the Queasy Mongoose, and interact with some the meerkats and objects.

Why should I download the Meerkat app?

The Meerkat app is the only way to enjoy both of your amazing rewards. Download today and tuck in to delicious food and enjoy the biggest blockbusters – all from the Meerkat app.