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What do you get with a sky suite on celebrity?

What do you get with a sky suite on celebrity?

The best amenities, always included. * As a guest of The Retreat, you’ll also enjoy a long list of thoughtfully curated amenities that start with five newly added perks*—a shore excursion credit, premium drinks, streaming Wi-Fi, tips, and an onboard credit to spend almost any way you like.

What is sky suite?

Private spaces that feel like private rooms. Fully-flat beds that provide ample leg room. Relieve fatigue better with Airweave mattresses and pillows, which have just the right amount of pushback and let you turn over more easily. All seats offer unimpeded aisle access to minimize disturbances.

Is AquaClass worth it on celebrity?

Summary. AquaClass is only worth it if you really value access to the exclusive Blu restaurant and complimentary access to the thermal spa. Otherwise, if it’s primarily a balcony you’re after, Concierge Class or even just a regular Veranda stateroom should do nicely.

Is concierge class on celebrity worth it?

The short answer from people who’ve booked a concierge cabin is usually: No, it’s not worth it. But if you can afford to pay a little more, it’s definitely worth it to sail in the next class up, which is Aqua.

Do sky suites have access to the retreat?

Available 24/7, The Retreat Lounge offers a dedicated concierge, gourmet bites, and complimentary beverages. Enjoy an exquisite meal featuring signature dishes by Chef Daniel Boulud in the private Luminae restaurant. Another amazing perk of staying in a Sky Suite is that only guests of The Retreat can access Luminae.

How much does the sky suite cost on Sky Princess?

The price for a Sky Suite on Sky Princess varies per cruise but is approximately $1,000 per person, per night.

What is included with AquaClass?

Here is what Aqua Class includes:

  • Priority boarding and early debarkation.
  • Shoeshine service.
  • Complimentary beach towel service.
  • A Personal Spa Concierge to arrange Canyon Ranch SpaClub treatments.
  • Binoculars included (for use onboard only)
  • 24-hour room service (extra cost between 11pm and 6am)
  • Pillow menu.

Whats included in AquaClass?

AquaClass On Edge Series Edge AquaClass guests enjoy a state-of-the-art infinite veranda, king-size cashmere mattress bedding, soothing stateroom touches and complimentary fitness classes. Plus, unlimited access to the SEA Thermal Suite, complimentary dining at Blu restaurant, and a personal spa concierge.

What does celebrity concierge class get you?

As a special member of the Concierge Class, you’ll receive personalized concierge service, special amenities, stateroom features, and extra perks like priority disembarkation. Sink into your plush bedding in your Concierge-class stateroom.

What are the perks of concierge class on celebrity?

Concierge Class Benefits over Veranda Staterooms

  • Priority Boarding and Debarkation.
  • Complimentary Food, Embarkation Day Lunch, and Priority Dining Time Selection.
  • Pillow Selection.
  • Concierge Service.
  • Odds and Ends.
  • Enhanced Room Service Breakfast Menu.
  • Enhanced Bath Amenities.

Are there Sky Suites on the Celebrity Cruises solstice?

You are in luck! On the Celebrity Cruises Solstice class ships, there are an abundance of Sky Suites located in the aft. Within these Sky Suites located in the back, you’ll find two different versions. The corner Sky Suites (S1) have amazing views of the back of the ship and around the corner, giving you a memorable 180 degree panoramic view.

What are the perks of a Celebrity Cruises Sky Suite?

On Celebrity Cruises for only a nominal amount you can upgrade to an entry level Sky Suite and upgrade your entire cruise vacation. Not only will you have a larger living area plus a pull-out sofa bed, but the perks in a Celebrity Cruises suite are amazing! Have you stayed in a Sky Suite on Celebrity Cruises?

What is the Sky Suite on a cruise ship?

Typically, the verandas on staterooms have limited seating but not in a Sky Suite. Enjoy a dining table and chairs to have a full meal or even a dessert and after dinner drink while watching the stars overhead. The upgraded furniture makes this easy and a luxurious experience. As an entry level suite, the Sky Suite doesn’t feel entry level.

What are the reviews of the Celebrity Edge suite cabin?

1 – 10 of 80 Celebrity Edge Suite Cabin Cruise Reviews 1 The Retreat Was the Best Part. A nice ship for Suite Class. 2 Great experience with a few glitches. Overall, our cruise was great. 3 Big Buildup for Bigger Let Down. Luminae Restaurant is not as good as it was on several other Celebrity ships. 4 A New Perspective.