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What do you get from the Omega Ruins in Final Fantasy 10?

What do you get from the Omega Ruins in Final Fantasy 10?

The chests contain the following items:

  • Lv. 4 Key Sphere.
  • Defending Bracer.
  • Turnover.
  • Lv. 3 Key Sphere x2.
  • Defending Armlet.
  • Friend Sphere x2.
  • Lv. 4 Key Sphere.
  • Phantom Ring.

How do you get the Monster Arena in FFX?

The Monster Arena is located in the easternmost section of the Calm Lands. The first time that you can access the Monster Arena in the game is after you have returned to Macalania Woods for the second visit and travel in to the Calm Lands for the very first time.

How do you beat Omega Ruins FFX?

The best way to defeat them is to have one character equipped with the First Strike auto-ability. You can then use Provoke on the Great Malboro which will prevent it from using “Bad Breath” as its first attack. You can find the Omega Ruins by unlocking them from the airship (along with a number of other locations).

How do I get Ultima Buster?

Ultima Buster can be unlocked in the Monster Arena by capturing five of each fiend across all of Spira. Ultima Buster has a number of attacks that will hit your party members with negative status effects. Its “Contamination” attack will inflict Confuse, Poison, Slow, Zombie and Full Break.

Where is the Monster Arena?

the Calm Lands
The Monster Arena is a battle arena in Final Fantasy X, situated in the Calm Lands. The Monster Arena is used to store fiends caught during the game. This is done by defeating the monster while using weapons with the Capture special ability, which can only be purchased here.

Can you bribe dark aeons?

Most Dark Aeons’ overdrives kill the entire party (especially Yojimbo) so whenever his or her overdrive fires up in the next turn, summon Yuna to sacrifice one of your Aeons for you. It’s for a good cause. Bribe your way through it, if you want to take the easy route.

How much HP does Dark Bahamut have?

Dark Bahamut Basic Information

Name Dark Bahamut
HP(Overkill) 4000000 (99999) MP
AP(Overkill) 30000 (40000) Gil
Drop (7/8) Dark Matter 1 (2) Drop (1/8)
steal (3/4) Twin Stars 2 Steal (1/4)

How much health does Ultima Buster have?

Ultima Buster Basic Information

Name Ultima Buster
HP(Overkill) 5000000 (99999) 140
AP(Overkill) 50000 (50000)
Drop (7/8) Winning Formula 1 (2) Dark Matter 1 (2)
steal (3/4) Gambler’s Spirit 1 Lv.3 Key Sphere 1