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What do you get for completing Flight School GTA 5?

What do you get for completing Flight School GTA 5?

The reward for completing all the lessons on Bronze is a Rustler, for all Silver a Stunt Plane and for all Gold a Hunter. All will be constantly spawned at the airstrip. Completion of the first 3 tests with at least a bronze medal, will award the player a pilot’s licence.

Do you have to complete flying school in GTA 5?

however How can I skip flight school in GTA San Andreas? Unfortunately, there is no way to skip that mission through cheat or other means. You’ll have to learn how to fly to do later missions, and if you can’t pass this one, you can’t pass the ones that come after it.

How do you get gold in Flight School?

The first challenge requires players to take off and then fly through three red coronas in the sky. Getting a bronze or a silver medal should be fairly straightforward, but to get a gold, players will need to pull up as soon as the plane’s tail rises and then retract the landing gear straight after.

Do you have to get all gold medals to pass Flight School?

No, just complete the flight school, you don’t even have to do the time trials.

What does flight school do in GTA 5 Online?

You can access the Flight School in GTA Online once you download The San Andreas Flight School Update. You must be at Rank 6 or higher if you want to take flying lessons. You can learn how to skydive, and fly helicopters and aeroplanes.

How do you get 100% completion on GTA 5?

In order to achieve 100% Completion in Grand Theft Auto V, the player must complete 69 storyline missions, 20 strangers and freaks missions, 14 random events, 42 hobbies and pastimes and 16 miscellaneous tasks.

How do you skip the mission to learn to fly?

All you have to do is kill yourself 3 times in the game. The death menu will then ask you if you want to skip the mission. Choose Yes and you will be skipped to the next checkpoints.

How do you take flying lessons in GTA 5?

Answer: Your character must be level 6 or above to access the San Andreas Flight School missions in GTA Online; they are located at the bottom of the map (just outside the gates to the airport). An airplane icon marks the exact location on your map.

Do you get trevors money after killing him?

When you kill Trevor he gives Franklin and Michael more money, but if you kill Michael, Lester gives it to his family, so the best options are to, “kill Trevor” or “Deathwish” for keeping the most money money.

How to be a pilot in GTA 5?

The plane is all loaded up and ready to go. Get in it.

  • Fly to Angel Pine with the package.
  • Fly into the corona to trigger the drop.
  • Return to the airfield and land,but get below the radar.
  • Bring the plane to a stop anywhere on the landing strip.
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