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What do you call the cardboard frame around a picture?

What do you call the cardboard frame around a picture?

In the picture framing industry, a mat (or matte, or mount in British English) is a thin, flat piece of paper-based material included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration and to perform several other, more practical functions, such as separating the art from the glass.

How do you make a cardboard picture frame at home?

Make Picture Frames Out of Cereal (free) Box Cardboard!

  1. Step 1: Scavanged or Reused Materials and Tools.
  2. Step 2: Cut Cardboard to Size.
  3. Step 3: Cut Out Picture Area.
  4. Step 4: Cut an Inner Liner If You Choose.
  5. Step 5: Paint or Decorate the Frame.
  6. Step 6: Glue or Tape Print in Place.
  7. Step 7: Make Back Board With Same Material.

What is a boxed photo frame?

What is a Box Frame? A box frame is like any other picture frame, except there is a larger gap between the backing and the glass, meaning you can frame 3D objects. Our box frames come in a selection of depths and styles.

What is a Passepartout frame?

A passepartout is a cardboard cut out in the middle and placed in your picture frame between the picture and the glass. The passepartout is available in different shapes and colours, which gives you a lot of creative freedom and your creativity is not limited.

How do you make a simple picture frame at home?


  1. Cut a piece of cardboard or construction paper into a rectangle.
  2. Cut a rectangle out of the middle of the cardboard.
  3. Paint the frame.
  4. Glue on paper decorations.
  5. Get creative with your decorations.
  6. Make the back of the frame.
  7. Glue this new rectangle to the back of the frame.
  8. Slide the picture into the frame.

Whats the difference between a box frame and a shadow box frame?

Essentially, the box frame is a shadow box frame without matting. In the pine, wood box frame above the fitted glass is raised and above the face paper where the artwork would be mounted. The glass pane rests on strips of wood although it ca just as easily rest on white or black foamboard.

How does a box frame work?

Box frames have a fillet which creates a space between the print and the glazing, so there is no contact with the glass. Using Waterwhite float glass, your print is mounted first to Foamboard or a similar substrate before being set into a box moulding with a fillet spacer.