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What do the air commodity and special handling codes tell you?

What do the air commodity and special handling codes tell you?

Air Commodity Code is used for all shipments via air, to broadly identify materiel for manifesting and customs requirements. Air Special Handling Code represents the type of special handling required by a shipment-unit to ensure proper air transportation without damage to the item, its surroundings or its security.

What is the imp code for vulnerable cargo?


Special Handling Codes
Code Description
VAL Valuable Cargo
VOL Volume
VUN Vulnerable Cargo

What is a cargo code?

Cargo cult programming is a style of computer programming characterized by the ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose.

What is cargo SHC?

Special Handling Cargo (SHC) such as perishable products (PER), pharma products, live animals (AVI), high value products (VAL) Dangerous Goods (DGR), vulnerable products (VUN) are handled according to our customer specific requirements and monitored continuously to ensure a consistent service level.

What are special handling codes?

The air commodity and air special handling codes are a two-position combination. The first position of the code identifies the commodity and the second position identifies the nature of the commodity, which may require special handling.

What is a handling code?

A handling code classifies what the TSDF is going to do with the waste. They describe “the type of hazardous waste management system used to treat, recover, or dispose of a hazardous waste” (EPA). The manifest process creates a start to finish (cradle to grave) tracking of the entire hazardous waste disposal process.

What is SPX in aviation?

The Known Consignor Scheme is voluntary. There is no legal requirement for any air cargo to be dispatched from the shipper as SPX (Secure) cargo; insecure cargo may still be shipped, although it will be subject to additional security measures before it can be allowed to fly.

What is special handling cargo?

Special handling applies to shipments that are loaded by cubic space and/or packed in such a manner as to require additional labor/handling, such as ground unloading, constricted space unloading, designated piece unloading, carpet/pad only shipments or stacked shipments.

What does SPX mean in air cargo?

Secured for Passenger Aircraft
SPX (Secured for Passenger Aircraft) Air cargo, for example the security status “Secured – SPX” has allowed, with both “all-cargo” – and be transported on passenger aircraft. Goods received this status only if it was controlled by a regulated agent or originated from a known shipper.

What is a haulier declaration?

HAULIER DECLARATION. In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 on common rules in the field of civil aviation security and its. implementing acts, When collecting, carrying, storing and delivering air cargo/mail to which security controls have been applied [on.

What are the 3 main categories of cargo air freight?

Air cargo is any property carried or to be carried in an aircraft. Air cargo comprises air freight, air express and airmail.

What is special handling delivery?