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What do revenants drop?

What do revenants drop?

Revenants are killed for their extremely valuable Ancient Warriors’ equipment, as they can be upgraded from tier 78 to tier 88 with an ancient warriors’ equipment patch. They also drop corrupt dragon equipment, tier 60 armour and weapons, which are the strongest for free players.

Which Revenant has the highest combat level?

Revenant ork
List of revenants

Name Combat level LP
Revenant ork 98 8,250
Revenant dark beast 112 8,850
Revenant knight 119 9,750
Revenant dragon 126 10,350

Does salve amulet work on revenants?

Revenants are considered undead creatures, so the salve amulet and variants will work on them.

Does salve amulet work on revenants rs3?

Players can opt between an enchanted salve amulet or a demon horn necklace. Revenants are considered undead, so an enchanted salve amulet provides a 20% accuracy and damage bonus while worn.

Do revenants drop looting bags?

Revenants can now drop blighted items, such as supplies and spell sacks. Multiple item drops appear in greater quantities. The amulet of avarice provides a 20% accuracy and damage boost.

Do revenants drop looting bag?

How much health does a Tier 3 Rev have?


Tier Level Health
II 70 20k
III 310 400k
IV 610 1.5M
V 10M

Is Vyrewatch a undead?

Vyrewatch? No, they are not undead.

Can you tele in Rev caves?

Revenant cave teleport scrolls are obtained from defeating revenants. Reading the scroll teleports the player to the Revenant Caves entrance at level 40 Wilderness. Like all teleport scrolls, they can be stored in the master scroll book. A player using a scroll to teleport.

How do you get the Revenant bane 2h?

Making a revenant bane 2h sword requires a bane 2h sword + 4, two corrupt Ancient Warriors’ melee weapons (two of the same kind of: corrupt Statius’s warhammer, corrupt Vesta’s longsword, or corrupt Vesta’s spear), and 8,000 progress, granting a total of 8,000 experience.

How do I get my looting bag back?

Obtaining. Among the most efficient ways to obtain the looting bag are killing thugs and/or chaos druids in Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon. Alternatively, players may purchase one from the Bounty Hunter Store with 10,000 points.

Do revenants respawn faster in Old School RuneScape?

Revenants respawn 33% faster. Unlike in RuneScape, there are no revenant icefiends, vampyres or werewolves in Old School RuneScape. The models used by these revenants are also simply transparent models of their living counterparts, rather than the ghost-like tail the revenants are often recognised with.

What do revenants drop in Shadowlands?

Revenants drop a variety of high-valued armour, weapons, and skilling resources. Revenants can also drop the unique wilderness weapons, and the ancient artefacts which can be exchanged for large sum of coins. All revenants share the same drop list.

Where can I find Revenants in Skyrim?

Before 1 February 2011, Revenants could be found patrolling freely around various parts of the Wilderness, but are now found only in the Forinthry Dungeon, which is a PvP zone. Slaying at least one of every type of revenant is a requirement for one of the elite Wilderness achievements .

How do I get more drops in the revenant caves?

The higher the revenant’s level, the higher the chance they drop an item alongside the guaranteed drops. Wearing an amulet of avarice will cause all drops in the Revenant Caves to be noted.